Complaints reportedly force NYC school to remove book on masturbation from summer reading list | Fox News

Sixth-grade students in a New York City borough were reportedly assigned to read a book that touched on masturbation until angered parents got the title removed from the summer reading list.

The New York Daily News reports that the principal of Public School/Middle School in Rockaway Park, Queens, announced Wednesday that “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” was no longer required reading following complaints from parents and inquiries from the newspaper.

“It’s about . . . masturbation, which is not appropriate for my child to learn at 11,” said Kelly-Ann McMullan-Preiss, 39, of Belle Harbor, who refused to let her son read the book. “It was like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for kids.”

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Developing Addiction

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

About a week or so ago I revealed my biggest fear to my wife. It is that she would prefer her huge black dildo over sex with me. If she had sex with other men, it’d be something I could compete with. Like I could argue, at least to myself, “I’m better than him because of this and that”. But with a dildo I can not compete. It’s bigger, harder, better shaped, always ready, never complains, and goes on as long as wanted.


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Confession of Masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Guys! I Love your replies and especially that MASTURBATION is happening as some of you read my post. It makes me feel so naked! My pants are coming off as I can no longer resist. The many ways I masturbated as a teenager are coming to mind from endless pillow humping to putting my upended rock hard cock against my powerful stereo speakers while feeling up my firm ass! Oh how mother knew!! And the shame made me penis beating crazy! I made hands off orgasms all over the place and my mirror. My pillows and sheets were always stained with my cum and the times mother pulled down my pants to spank me, my pleasure would increase and I could not possibly stop my love pleasure sessions for hours every night. I was doing the up and down off and on and adoring my hardness. Panting and gasping became unstoppable with the beautiful agony of aching to cum but needing more and more sexual near orgasms as my penis pulsated and I fixated on total pleasure exhaustion. …


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Forced Abstinence

By Fergus MacDougal

This may come as a surprise to those who know what a compulsive masturbator I am. But I recently went a full ten days without doing myself. Not because I was trying to give it up (never!) or to store up libido for my next session. It was because I contracted a bladder infection. Cause unknown, cure an easy course of penicillin.

When the infection was raging it was very painful to urinate, and there was a stinging sensation in my urethra at all times. I was not tempted to play with my penis at all, though I could feel the necessity building up.

I took the pills for ten days, and after four days the stinging went away so I gave myself a trial wank. A little painful, so I kept it short, and I only ejaculated a small amount. It was interesting to see that my semen, which normally is creamy white, was completely clear. Obviously something had changed. At the end of the medication, when I was completely cured, I was still only shooting small amounts, and it was clear.

Yesterday, after two days of abstinence, I woke up horny and spent an hour masturbating in the morning. It was a good juicy cum, volume back to normal, and a bit milky. A few hours later my hand was back down there and I ended up doing myself for another half hour, with a good spurt.

This experience reminded me how important masturbation is to me, and what a great loss it would be if for any reason I had to stop. To celebrate my renewed ability to pleasure myself I plan to masturbate all day today.

Does masturbation make you impotent?

a masturbator worried:

  Are u serious???….your impotence is due to your habit of masturbation????…in that case we’re all due to become impotent soon????…..please say you’re joking or i miss understood u. I love to masturbate a lot, but i also love to fuck pussy and will really go crazy if i couldn’t penetrate pumpum again, so pleeeease clarify John cause I’m worried!!!.


other masturbators confirmed:

I think several other chronic masturbators here will also attest to this phenomenon. Some of us tend to grow more and more dependent on manual stimulation, to the point we can no longer penetrate a loving and willing partner. I call it “masturbatory impotence”.
In my case, I am now functionally impotent as far as sexual intercourse goes, due to excessive masturbation dependency. I have become so accustomed to the intense gratification I get in my own hand that the stimulation of intercourse is insufficient for me to maintain erections. I either fail to penetrate, or go limp after penetration.
I freely admit that there is a large psychological component to this, and it may never happen to you, or most other chronic masturbators. I simply find masturbation more exciting and rewarding; I have little difficulty staying erect for long solo masturbation sessions or for receiving handjobs. And if I lose erection temporarily during masturbation, there is no performance anxiety associated with it; I simply stroke a bit limp and the hard returns. But in sexual intercourse there is a performance anxiety that makes me more likely to loose erection and less likely to recover if lost. 
Age is a factor; when I was younger and more physically vigorous I could get it up for both intercourse and masturbation, usually in the same day. With age intercourse competency became increasingly marginal and then failed altogether. Interestingly, as a teenager I had so much performance anxiety I rarely erected the first time with a girl; it took a lot of “relationship” before I could copulate successfully. So perhaps the seeds of masturbatory impotence were there all along.
By the way, the performance anxiety also happens sometimes in masturbating on webcam or in my self-made masturbation videos. Somehow the mental effort of balancing the “audience expectations” with my own inner excitement can cost me an erection. I still love to webcam (and often with full erection), because of the exhibitionistic thrill.


I usually do not post..more of a lurker, but this topic speaks to me.  There is no doubt that
I have become a chronic masturbator, and have had difficulty with maintaining an erection. 
In my case I think that the root problem has at least two seperate causes.  First of all, I
have not had sex with my wife for about 4 years…the reasons are not important, however,
it has forced me to become dependent on my own hand (or someone’s hand) to bring me
satisfaction. I have noticed over the years that it takes more and more stimulation to reach
orgasm, particularly if I do a lot of edge playing (this is what I like best). Second, I have
had heart problems and am on four seperate medications, each of which has a libido side
effect.  Frankly it has been so long since I have been with anyone, I don’t know what would
happen…  Be very interested in sharing experiences with another mature male just to see!
Added to these problems, my penis has shrunk somewhat in size…both length and girth. 
Oh My.


LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! This latest thread is neat! Yes, I too
would have I/course performance problems! And how delicious it is!
I think folks know of my “masturbation fidelity” cherishings,
and “being limp” except for masturbation fits right in. I mean, a
wife can be confident that Hubby is faithful, because he can only
cumm by masturbation.
The fantasy part of it also is Wifey physically CRAVES orgasm, but
wants the utlimtate safe sex, and so wants a masturbation impotent
husband. Part of the fantasy, if one wants, is to have Wifey “so
big” down below that she is only satisfied with a bigg bigg toy!
What do others think? Also, what do some of the Ladies among us
think? Wouldn’t a husband or partner like WE be appealing?
Also, do we all agree that we need porn to “jump start” our limp


I think this is a very individual and as at least one post alluded to very likely at least (I qualify as I’m no doctor, either) partially psychological thing.  Many guys masturbate like crazy for their lives and do not become impotent.  However, I have seen medical evidence that infertility or lowered fertility is a likely result of constant orgasming for males – basically a life-long pursuit does “wear out” your reproductive capacity.  The only medical things I have read about masturbation and impotence have indicated no causal relationship, however those studies centered more around regular rather than extreme masturbatory habits.
Personally, I prefer masturbation to intercourse strongly, but I prefer sex with other to masturbation a substantial portion of the time, and I do have some pursuits that I pay attention to besides masturbation, so I am not nearly as extreme as some here, though I have gone through many a lost weekend and so forth.  That said, I have never had problems aside from isolated rare instances with being hard for intercourse.  However, I sometimes do cum far too quickly in intercourse OR if I keep going a while I occasionally lose it for a while and can’t stay hard inserted (but quickly will get hard again outside).  But that hasn’t seem affected by masturbation – in fact, it seems that the latter problem of staying hard has gone away over time as I’ve worked my penis so much it is much more capable of “behaving” as I desire, and the former problem of cumming too soon is not eliminated but rarer.  That said, my wife also has thankfully moved away from wanting intercourse much at
all, so I don’t have to do it much these days, and rarely want to.
And btw I’ll be masturbating most of this evening, starting as soon as I get rid of a guest :) around 6 PM-ish Pacific time, feel free to email or IM me, anyone, not sure when I’ll be on, but I will be occasionally and will be interested if anyone wants to talk, preferably but not necessarily females, I love to confess my sissy slut secrets and so on…sorry for the plug – but I’m in the mood.. ;)

Masturbated in front of a woman

a masturbator wrote:

In my 29+ years since I first brought myself to an orgasm, the amount
of times I have jacked off in front of another woman could be counted
on one hand with enough fingers left over to hold a cigarette and
maybe even my television remote control. :-)  And, to be honest, those
few times were not under the best of circumstances…that’s a long,
sad story I will avoid telling for now, especially since what I’m here
to write about is much more pleasing.
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Online Semen and Robo-Sperm | violet blue ® :: open source sex

Incidentally, the place where the gentleman in question provides his sample is called a “men’s production facility,” “donor cabin,” or “masturbatorium.” If you have never read Polly Enmity’s absolutely amazing article in Best Sex Writing 2005 on being a sperm bank teller, you are missing what must be the most entertaining writing ever delivered on this topic.

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Earl Flen: Hand Pussy

Hand Pussy

by Earl Flen

I like all sex terms and words, but I love these two words very much. They invoke so much about the positive nature of masturbating. Hand pussy is the pussy I have fucked most. Hand pussy is the first pussy I ever fucked. Hand pussy is the pussy that is always there for me. Hand pussy can respond to my fantasies and be any pussy I want it to be. I can close my eyes and fuck my hand pussy as if she was any woman I want, or I can stare into the photographed eyes of my favorite masturbation muse and fuck her pussy in my fist. My hand pussy can turn into the anus (or mouth) of a man I fantasize about fucking. (Or a finger from my hand pussy can be his dick sliding into my anus – my man pussy.)

I can fuck my hand pussy as hard or as gently as I wish. Hand pussy always grips my cock just perfectly and always squeezes at the right time and the right amount. I love my hand pussy. I can fill my hand pussy with cum or let it spurt out the back. I can put my limp dick inside my hand pussy and fuck when I don’t have an erection. My hand pussy can quiver and pulse until it makes me hard, or until it makes me cum even though I’m soft.   Continue reading

On Finding OnaniaSupport

A masturbator wrote of his discovery of the OnaniaSupport group

well, even I can hardly describe my feelings. I started reading some of the most recent posts and could not believe my eyes! I went back to the beginning of the archives and kept reading and reading, all the while with the most erect cock I’ve had in ages but also with this incredibly warm feeling while seeing all of this utter openness and honesty about masturbation and pornography — things I had been longing to ask others in one way or another since I was five years old and never could.

Sure, there were many Yahoo Groups out there claiming to be about masturbation discussion, but nothing like this! Most of those other groups were nothing but places to arrange face-to-face meetings for stroke off sessions. OnaniaSupport…now THIS was a place where people were REALLY talking about masturbation! History, memories, techniques, likes, dislikes, gay, straight, bi, even females…all writing with nothing being held back. I was astonished, amazed, and highly aroused. I knew immediately that I had found a virtual home and that there was no way I could keep from jumping right into this group with both feet…well, maybe after cumming a few times because all of this sensory overload gave me some of the most intense orgasms that I had brought forth in years. ;-)

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NEW: Podcasturbation #17-0810: Goony! Goony! Goony!

Podcasturbation #17-0810: Goony! Goony! Goony!

A quick gooning session by a very goony masturbator. 

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