My wife is willingly seduced

a pathetic cuckold masturbator wrote:

My wife is hot. She is 5’4″ and around 110lbs. She has perfect tits
and a knock out ass and legs. I often marvel at the fact that she is
MY wife. We’ve been married almost 20 years. She is 41 and I am 43.
I have fantasized for years about her giving herself to another man. I
often bring this fantasy up but it is quickly shot down. Over the
years our sex life has almost disappeared. Even though she is hot as a
firecracker, she does not seem that interested in sex. When we first
met she was a little vixen. If my memory serves me, she gave me a blow
job on our second date. I remember her kissing me and then moving her
head down to my lap. She started rubbing me and asked if I would like
her to eat me. I of course said I would. She said “Oh good. I wasn’t
sure if you liked that or not”. The funny thing about that statement
was it implied to me that she was familiar with giving head.
Well from that point in I was getting blowjobs in a lot different
places and times. I quickly realized that I was definitely not the
first man to enjoy this talent of hers. How many others have there
been? I wondered. As the years went by this lovely pastime of hers
disappeared. Within the last 5 years I would have to say we have had
sex maybe a dozen times. I think its been over a year to date now. I
often try to initiated sex with her by kissing her neck and cuddling
her but this always ends up with her getting the giggles and me
masturbating with my head in her lap. She will suggest I play with
myself instead.

During these sessions I will often look up at her and suggest that I
am not much good to her since I always end up playing with myself. I
then go on to suggest that maybe she might like to find a big strong
man to do the job instead. This generally brings on a giggle or maybe
a sigh and then a finger to her lips indicating that I should bee
quiet and finish up playing with myself. I usually cum with visions of
her with her legs in the air squealing in delight.
The other weekend we went to an overnight party at a hotel. It was a
fun party with lots of drinking and dancing. They sat us at round
tables so that you would be forced to mingle with the other guests. We
ended up next to a single guy that I could immediately tell my wife
found attractive. After a little while he asked us if we would like to
smoke a little reefer. Generally my wife would not partake in such a
thing, but since we were not driving (and she found him interesting),
we ended up in his hotel room. We all sat around and shared a spliff.
I don’t know about you, but when I get high I get horny. So does my
wife. Back in the days when we did have sex, we would get high and she
would let me feast on her wet pussy. She is usually not that
interested in receiving oral sex but when she is high I can usually
lick her for an hour until she finally cums in my face. This is one of
my favorite things to do. Anyway not to get off track, but the other
thing that happens to me is I get shy when I get high. So shy and
horny that I just want to hide in a corner and play with myself.
We headed back down to the party and the dance floor was in full
swing. Marc (the guys name) asked my wife to dance. At this point I
was really horny and my mind was in full swing about the possibility
of my wife and this guy. I had a hard on that wouldn’t go away.  They
danced a few songs and returned to my side. Marc went off to the men’s
room and I figured I would give my wife some room. I wanted her to not
feel the pressure of my presence and to feel comfortable around Marc.
I also wanted to remind her that I am not that manly so I told her I
felt like playing with myself. She looked at me and laughed and said
“Go for it!”. I asked if she thought she would be alright alone with
Marc and she just smiled at me and said “I think so”.
Off I went to the room. This hotel had a center courtyard and all the
rooms had balcony’s that looked down on the courtyard. I snuck out
onto our balcony and could look down on the party. I very discretely
stroked my throbbing member while I located my wife and Marc dancing.
Interestingly her dancing was much more intimate with him now that I
was out of the picture. She was swaying her ass into his crotch and
then would turn around and put her arms around his neck. Sure enough
they started kissing.
I couldn’t believe it. Actually I could. Considering the fact that she
had not had sex in over a year, I was not surprised at all. His hand
traveled to her ass as he pulled her tight up against him. He was
playing her just right. She likes a forceful man. She will drip when a
man lifts her off her feet and kisses her. I continued stroking ever
so slowly as I was beyond close. After a few more songs I watched them
disappear. Having been to his room I knew exactly where is was. Sure
enough in a few minutes I saw lights and movement in his room. That
was too much for me and I came in my hand.
Now that the pre-orgasmic bliss wore off, my stomach started doing
flip flops.  What was going on in his room? Duh! Like I didn’t know.
My mind started picturing all different scenarios and fortunately my
penis responded and my horniness replaced my anxiety. I started on a
slow stoke again except this time I needed to make it last otherwise I
would go crazy. I kept at it for another 3 hours, peeking up at his
room every 10 minutes or so but seeing nothing to suggest anything.
Finally my wife entered our room. She was very buzzed and very happy.
She spotted me naked on the bed with my Vaseline coated hands and
penis. She stared laughing and comment that I was still at it. I asked
how the party went and she made this far away look and smiled. I lied
and said I went down to find you guys but you weren’t there. “Oh” was
all she said. She climbed into bed next to me and I continued playing
with myself with renewed vigor. I spilled the beans and told her I
knew she went up to his room. She said “Well you are the one that has
been bugging me for years to do this”. I told her it was ok. I asked
what happened. “Do you really want hear?”. I slowed my stroke in
anticipation and whispered “yes”.
She said they did not have intercourse. They went up to his room to
have more smoke but that quickly turned to kissing. She said he was a
great kisser. Soon he had her blouse unbuttoned and his hand was
feeling her bra covered breasts. My wife said she reached down and
undid her bra clasp and gave him full access to her perfect breasts.
He quickly began kissing and sucking her breasts. My wife said at this
point she knew that she would surrender to him in moments and while
she still had her head she did not want to get fucked. I asked why and
she said that it just didn’t seem right. I ask what happened then.
She said she took her shirt off and stood in front of him totally
topless. She then kneeled in front of him and slid off his slacks. He
was wearing boxers and was sporting a huge erection. She then told me
that she knew she had to do this. She said that she always did this to
men after teasing them. It was only fair. So she looked up into his
eyes and unleashed his cock. I asked if he was big and she said he was
huge. I said bigger than me? And she laughed. I asked if she finished
him off and she looked at me and matter of factly said “of course!”. I
then asked if he came in her mouth and if she swallowed. She just
laughed at me and said “You haven’t had that many women in your
lifetime have you? Yes he came in my mouth and yes a swallowed. What a
dumb question”
With that the small amount of cum left in my drained balls broke
loose. My wife watched as it dribbled over my hand. “There was a lot
more than that!” She had that faraway look again. “I nearly choked to
death” she teased. I asked if we could have sex and she really started
laughing. “Yeah right! Look at you! You’re a greasy and pathetic
looking. Believe me if I wanted sex I would have had it already. No I
don’t think so”. I asked if we would ever have sex again? “I kind of
like this new arrangement. You seem to be doing just fine with your
hand so, I think not” she teased.

4 thoughts on “My wife is willingly seduced

  1. You should have taken the opportunity to encourage her to meet with Marc again…but with you tagging along. You could have explained to him that you are a pathetic cockold masturbator and needed to see “a real man” with your wife. You would have encouraged them to have sex with you present and watched your wife suck him off again. Maybe he would have agreed to let you ‘fluff’ him before he stuck his manly cock up inside your wife!

  2. Thank you Richard. You are absolutely right. I’m grateful for your help in my development of a pussy free masturbator marriage.

  3. “I asked if we would ever have sex again? “I kind of
    like this new arrangement. You seem to be doing just fine with your
    hand so, I think not” she teased”

    Fantastic ending! A masturbator’s dream! I have not had any pussy in 6 years and love that.

    I am a masturbator.

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