Masturbation Therapy, What can or must mother or woman in authority do

This   is IMPORTANT: catch him masturbating!   when you catch  him, make   him  continue in front of you…  offer advice and instruction, offer to teach him how to work his hand around the head of his penis.   Often  young boys have a great deal of trouble doing this.  this will be of great help…

via Masturbation Therapy, What can or must mother or woman in authority do for a habitual masturbator who will refuse to wear a chastity belt and to see a masturbation therapist?.

4 thoughts on “Masturbation Therapy, What can or must mother or woman in authority do

  1. masturbating again, g. f. just left after lunch and I m starting pumping again. I was at it all morning , now ill need to pump all afternoon. i’m a chronic jerk off, my only sex . my g. f. and her hot daughter most know how much I stroke every day. when I was younger my hot, sexy mother most have told every body about her son addiction. she loved to watch me at it and encouraged my addict ion. \i’ll end up stroking to dementia. john c. segaiolo

  2. my mother also helped me to became a chronic, compulsive, masturbator. I m still a virgin, intensive masturb ation has been my only sex in my life. when in my teens I never had a g. f. I use to stare at mother’s huge cunt and se xy ass and stroke to a stupor. she encouraged my constant mas turbation asking me how long I was at it, and it was good for me to masturbate so much. after one of my dr y orgasms , she use to show me her huge cunt for me to start again. my wife knew I was a chronic jerk off before we got married. she didn’t mind she always had a lot of casual sex. after a party, usually, use to tell me to go to my room and s he took care of the guys left over. while I was in my room stroking to a stupor. I can’t stop nor slow down on my solo se x. my wife doesn’t mind, i’m sure she told her sexy daughter and her close friends of my addiction. so I want to increase my daily sessions to a bate/coma. segaiolo john c. //

  3. I when I was a boy got caught by my grandmother masturbating I tried to put it away in shame and she told me not to be embarrassed because it was natural and told me to go ahead and finish and I wasn’t sure it was ok at first but I did and she watched made sure I finished and helped me clean myself up from then on I just started playing with myself any time I felt like it and in front of her alot she would just let me and clean it up for me I enjoyed it alot I wish I still had someone to do that with .

  4. My name is Guy Smith I am a proud to be a masturbator ,

    I was encouraged to masturbate when i was a young boy by my mother and taught never to be ashamed to masturbate or to admit I am a masturbator.

    I an 56 yrs old I live in Meriden England I am single , masturbation has ruled my life ,
    My cock controls me , my compulsion to masturbate takes me over .

    I started at 10 yrs old when an older boy showed me how to masturbate,
    When I was 12 my mum asked me if I was masturbating yet , I confessed I was ,

    She told me I need to masturbate avery day , as it was healthy ,
    Every morning at breakfast she would ask me in front of everyone if I has masturbated the previous day , I always answered yes , she would ask how many times , and I always told her how many , it was usually 2 or 3 , and once when I answered 4 times she told me , oh that’s more than your farther can manage ,
    That was in front oh him and my sister who giggled at the news , I looked at Dad and he went red in the face , as mom asked him isn’t it Frank , to which he said yes it is .

    This continues right through puberty and even into adult hood , she would ask , are you having lots of sex or are you masturbating , she would ask me every time I saw her .

    I always told her how much I was masturbating much to my embarrassment , and she would say , oh your just like your dad he masturbates all the time too.

    This is my story , you may not believe me , but I honestly and embarrassingly confess it is true , my mother made me the compulsive life long masturbator that I am , And I am proud of it .

    If you want to contact me , please do .

    Guy Smith
    A proud masturbator

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