Favorite CFNM fantasy

a masturbator wrote:

1)  My number one CFNM fantasy is my wife inviting some of our

friends over for drinks… gals mostly, but a few guys are there
too.  I know most of our guests personally.  We are all sitting
around the living room when she suddenly announces to everyone that I
am her boytoy slave.  She orders me to strip naked for everyone and
puts me on naughty, naked display.  My wife then asks each of our
guests to give me humiliating “commands” that I must obey.  One woman
asks me to piss all over myself in front of them, she hold my dick
and directs the stream all over my naked chest and belly…including
my face.  Several guests want to grope, fondle and “inspect” me while
I’m in various states of arousal.  Everyone is laughing and making
fun of me.  The guys there are laughing and calling me a “sissy wimp
pussy.”  I am ordered to play with my ass and jerk off for them.
Some of our guest have cameras and my wife lets them take pictures of
me and I wonder what they will do with the pics as I jerk off and
diddle with my ass.  As I squirt my load, they all cheer and laugh.
My wife’s best friend tells me to eat my own cum as they all watch
and take pics.  I am kept nude the rest of the night as they all say
they had no idea I was such a little sissy wimp and liked to be

2)  This is the best CFNM experience I’ve had:  Just some background
information.  I’m 5’10”, 170 lbs and work out about 3-4 times a week
so I have a lean, athletic build.  I’ve always been a bit of an
exhibitionist, but at the time of this incident I had never heard
about CFNM stuff. If you want to see my pic, check out my Yahoo
Profile page

Five years ago, when I was 31 years-old, during a routine physical,
my physician advised me to have a mole removed off my dick and
referred me to a dermatologist.  Well, to my surprise and amusement,
it turned out the dermatologist was a women and about my age.  She
examined me. and fondled me a bit (which was for a little more time
than I expected…but I didn’t care).  After her “diddling” around
with my dick, I did start to get a hard-on and I was getting a little
nervous, but she cut the exam short as my dick started to rise.  She
told me she concurred with my physician and thought it was best to
have the mole removed and to have the tissue sent for a biopsy —
which, she stressed, was “routine.”  She told me to get dressed and
schedule the surgery at the front desk.

When I came back for the surgery, a young female nurse escorted me to
the exam room for surgery and told me to totally undress and put on
the smock with the opening in front.  After some time, she returned
and told me to lay on my back and she was going to “prep” me for
surgery.   I laid down on my back, she untied and fully opened the
front of the garment exposing my totally naked body (again, I
thought “why not just expose the genital area…why do I have to be
totally nude and exposed now?” But, I really didn’t care because this
was getting interesting).  She grabbed a disposable razor and gently
grabbed my dick and started carefully dry shaving my dick around the
mole, which was located on the underside of my cock about halfway
between the tip and my balls.  That’s when, I started wondering why
they didn’t ask me to do this myself before the surgery (as they did
when I had my vasectomy) but, again, I really didn’t care and
actually started to think this was pretty cool.  Naturally, as she
was leaning over my naked body, her face pretty close to my crotch
and holding my dick and shaving it….I started to get a hard-on.
She actually reassured me as I got harder and harder by telling me
that it is easier to shave the penis when it’s erect rather than
flaccid, and not to be concerned or embarrassed.  Well, that did
it!   Now I was fully erect and had no control (not that I had any to
begin with).  She told me she was almost done, and just then the
doctor walked in with another female assistant carrying a metal tray
with surgical utensils.  Now I felt a little weird.  I was laying
naked on the table with what was now a raging hard-on, as the young
nurse moved back and the doctor approached looking at my dick. She
told me to relax (yeah, right!) and grabbed my erection, pushed it
down toward my belly, pointing my dick towards my head as she
examined the mole on the underside.  She said “the patient looks
prepped” and told her other assistant to swab the area with an
alcohol swab.  She told me it was perfectly normal to have an
erection, not to be embarrassed and that when she injects a local
anesthetic it would subside.  Now I was enjoying the situation as the
three women examined me and the one woman started swabbing the
underside of my dick with cotton balls and alcohol.  Now, I’m not
sure, but I kinda think she was trying to make me cum because she was
rubbing up and down my dick as the doctor held it “down” on my
belly …again my dick pointing up towards my head.  She took what
seemed like and eternity as the combination of the cold sensation of
the alcohol and the soft cotton balls was exciting me to no end.  I
started to feel that familiar urge of an orgasm, the inevitable
fullness in my balls and I could sense some precum oozing onto my
belly.   I was caught off guard as I parted my lips and let a slight,
quiet, uncontrolled sigh escape my throat.  I quickly glanced down at
my oozing dick as if signalling that I was going to cum when the
doctor seemed to realize my predicament and told the assistant that
the sterilization was adequate.  She stopped “swabbing” me and the
doctor released my cock causing it to spring back up to attention.  I
almost made a joke or said, “gee, that was close,” but the doctor now
had the needle in her hand to inject the anesthetic…yikes!  So I
laid my head back down because I didn’t want to see my dick get
pricked.  She said I would feel several slight pricks and then it
would all go numb.  One of her assistants grabbed my hard-on with two
hands to carefully steady it and hold it still while the doctor
started injecting…not much pain.  In a matter of minutes, I was
flaccid again at which time the doctor was busy removing the mole.

The rest was uneventful.  But I quickly realized how erotic that
was ….and a VERY BIG turn on for me.  I later heard about CFNM and
now I’m hooked!

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