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I love masturbation so much it’s hard to imagine why everyone doesn’t masturbate daily–as I do. Why is it, I wonder as I stroke myself off, that everyone in the world doesn’t have their hands in their pants right now?


Oh, how I love masturbation! It’s my hobby, my passion, just about my favorite thing to do. I love to talk about it, write about it, read about it–everything about masturbation fascinates me. When I’m deep into a stroke-off session I am often so absorbed in how much I enjoy it I have to say it out loud: “I love jacking off…I love masturbating so much…” There’s no one to hear but me, but I’m so filled with joy and passion that I still have to say it aloud. “Fuck yes, I love to masturbate…” My climax draws near and I suddenly want the world to walk in on me, to see how good I feel; I want the world to share the perfection of this masturbatory moment. 

I love masturbation so much it’s hard to imagine why everyone doesn’t masturbate daily–as I do. Why is it, I wonder as I stroke myself off, that everyone in the world doesn’t have their hands in their pants right now?

I was blessed with being a born chronic masturbator–I have clear memories of masturbating at age four–and I will never stop. I’ll be ninety years old, living in the old folks’ home, still beating off every day. The nurse had better knock before opening the door! Better still, she should come in and watch….Another blessing was being raised by parents who were practicing masturbators; they regarded their masturbating children as healthy and normal, thus I grew up able to whack off freely and without shame. And boy, I did it freely: my first Nude Masturbation Day was at age twelve, a day centered around nudity and self-pleasure, the first of many such days (of which today is the latest). 

As one would with any hobby, I spent a lot of time thinking about masturbation. I remember sitting in class as a teen, daydreaming about jacking off when I got home from school, picking which Pet or Playmate would be today’s orgasmic muse. Even now, there are days at work when I think about masturbating when I get home, and what video or website will enhance my Onanistic pleasures. Driving home, I can’t help saying it aloud: “I can’t wait to jack myself off…I’ve got to masturbate.” Sometimes I don’t wait: I’ll open my pants and get started in the car. 

I love masturbating so much that I sometimes jack off to the memories of other times I jacked off: masturbation in risky places, shooting my load at work, watching or being watched, the times I was caught pumping my cock. Or I imagine I’m a test subject in a laboratory, masturbating for a research study. Or that I’m a guest at a lakeside, adults-only resort specifically for masturbators of both sexes. (How great would that be?) 

Some may say that there’s something unseemly about my hobby, that it’s unhealthy to devote so much time to sexual pleasure. But would they say the same about a stamp collector or Star Wars geek who had equal enthusiasm for their pursuits? My hobby costs next to nothing, hurts no one, and involves frequent intense orgasm. What could be wrong with that?


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One thought on “Onania Masturbator Forum: I love masturbation!

  1. I Love Masturbation as well!
    I got so Horny reading this post that I am rubbing my Throbbing penis right now.My heart is racing!
    I encourage you to masturbate right along with me. It’s a Major turn on knowing others masturbate while at this site.
    I wish all of Us were in a room together just watching each other jack/Jill off-can’t leave the ladies out.
    Wouldn’t that be Great?
    Masturbators should be Encouraged to meet other Masturbators and Enjoy Pleasuring ourselves in the Company of other like minded individuals! We shouldn’t Masturbate alone!Masturbation should be Shared don’t you think?
    Let’s have a Intense Cumm together!We have been masturbating in Silence for far too long.Lets be Proud of being a Masturbator!I Love Masturbating don’t you!So horny right now milking my cock.I wish you were here right now watching me and Pleasuring my Cock with your hands right now!I would be Pleasuing your Penis/Pussy as well!

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