My neighbor had a party

 a masturbator wrote:


My neighbor had a party. He is divorced and lives on his own. This was
his annual summer party that is always a huge blast. This year he
invited a lot of out of town guests as well as the neighbors. The
party starts off with kids allowed but as it seeps into the evening
the kids are encouraged to leave.
There was a band playing this time and the lead singer was a very tall
and slim man. The type of man I know my wife is attracted to. Can you
guess where this is going?
Like all of you fellow cuckolds and wannabe’s I too have continually
fantasized about my wife surrendering her body to another man. I don’t
want her dating anyone I just want her to get loaded and feel horny
and give in to a strangers touch. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why
I want this. We all understand the feeling.

I harbored this fantasy secretly for a number of years until one day
while playing with myself in bed because my wife did not feel like
having sex with me, I blurted out my fantasy. As with most cuckys out
there that I’ve read about, her initial reaction was no. It remained
no but over the years she would drop little hints and tease me about
her checking out a guy. Little stuff but in my mind progress.
My little fantasy had open a door for her that she was not about to
shut tight. She left that door open a tiny crack just in case.
We stopped having sex almost completely the last couple years. My wife
is hot and has a nice little body. I love her big tits and smart
little ass. She is not interested in sex with me. I approached her
once and asked why we never seem to have sex and she basically told me
that I’m not that good at sex and she never gets off. So I have
resorted to masturbation which I do regularly and often in front of my
wife, who doesn’t mind and will often tease me about being a chronic
She has had her share of sex before we met and has a lot to compare
to. I on the other hand spent most of my early years with my palm. I
imagine she misses the sex but you wouldn’t know it.
What’s fun about my wife is when she is drinking and partying. She
rarely drinks too much but on the occasions that she does, she tends
to get a little wild which is totally out of character for her. It
makes me realize what she must have been like before we met.
Ok enough background, time to get to the meat of the story. We went
over to my neighbors and started drinking and mingling. I tend to be
quiet and reserved so I picked my spot in a chair near some of the
other neighbor men I know. The losers corner as my wife put it. Hey I
like these guys.
My wife on the other hand was mingling and enjoying the company of
everyone. She’s no social butterfly but like I said, once she has a
few drinks she really opens up. Evening came and the band arrived. I
wandered over to check them out as they were setting up. My wife was
standing there too. She didn’t see me at first and I instantly
followed her eyes to the lead singer. She was checking him out. There
was no question. Interesting I thought. I figured if I teased her
about it she would deny it. But surprisingly she said “Yeah he’s hot”.
The sent up a red flag (and my penis). It would not be like my wife to
openly flirt in front of the neighbors. She does not want to get that
kind of a reputation, but in private? Soon the party was in full swing
and I had to admit the lead singer was something else. He had smooth
moves and a lot of charisma. My wife managed to get her self close to
the band and caught his eye. He definitely was noticing her and she
was making sure of it.
One of the neighbor guys even comment on it saying that I better keep
on eye on my wife and that lead singer. Cucky angst started setting
in. I started feeling excited and bothered. I looked around and every
one was dancing and laughing. There were as many woman as man and they
were all socializing and lightly flirting, including my wife. I on the
other hand was standing off to the side quietly by myself. No one
seemed to notice or really care about me.
I made me feel like a little boy at an adult party. My neighbor had
encouraged the children to leave in the evening because it was adult
time. Suddenly I felt like I was one of the children. This only fueled
my desire to masturbate. My wife came over to me and teased me that I
looked like a lump on a log. She said have some fun dance with people
or at least talk to some one. This only made me more self-conscious. I
mentioned the lead singer to her again and she laughed saying that she
couldn’t wait for them to finish so she could talk to him.
The urge to play with myself won out. I told my wife that maybe I
should head home and play with myself. She looked at me and giggled.
“I thought that was what you were thinking. Big surprise!”
“That way maybe you would feel more comfortable here,” I hinted.
She took the hint immediately and said “Go for it! I’ll stay here with
the adults. Besides its time for the little boys to leave anyway”.
That did it. I ran home with my tail between my legs. Well actually my
hard cock. I couldn’t get the lid off the Vaseline fast enough. I
stripped naked and started up. Hours went by and I had only cum once.
I was working on my second cum when I heard voices coming towards the
I peeked out the window and saw my wife and the lead singer walking up
the driveway. On my God I couldn’t believe it. She was leaning against
him as the walked. She was definitely drunk and extremely flirtatious.
I decided to make myself scarce. She knew I was home so I wondered
what her plan was.
I ran upstairs and hid in our bedroom. The thought of the two of them
alone was too much. I spread eagled on our bed totally naked with my
hand glistening. Oh shit I left the Vaseline downstairs on the table.
I heard foot steps on the stairs and my wife walked into the bedroom
holding the jar of Vaseline. I was still stroking. She started
laughing at me and said I think you forgot this, tossing me the jar of
Vaseline. I asked what she was doing and she said I think you should
go into the guest room and be quiet.
“Why?” I asked.
“I’m going to let him fuck my brains out,” she stated simply.
Splat. I pumped and came. She stood there giggling watching the
pathetic amount of cum dribble out of my cock down the back of my hand.
“I guess you like that idea,” she giggled, “Me too!”
I laid on the guest bed totally naked and in masturbation heaven. I
heard them coming up the stairs and heading to the master bedroom.
Then I heard my wife yelling “Fuck me. Yes. Harder. Oh yes fuck me.
Fuck me”.
She was so loud. I could here him slapping into her as he pounded her.
I laid there picture her legs in the air, opening herself wife for his
big cock. He was fucking her brains out good. On and on it went into
the wee hours of the morning.
I must have cum 5 times before they finally went quiet. I hardly slept
at all. When morning came, I realized he was still in our bed. I
wanted to peek in on them but knew I couldn’t. I heard them talking
and strained to listen. Then it got quiet and I could hear sucking
sounds. She was giving him a blow job. After 20 minutes of sloshing
sounds I heard him moan and then my wife moaning as though she had a
mouthful, which of course she did.
I came again that morning. My cock saw a lot of action that night.
Unfortunately not the same action as his. He would be bragging. I
would be ashamed.
Eventually he left and we rendezvoused downstairs. My wife looked
fucked. Her hair was a mess and her face flushed. She looked alive and
happy. I hadn’t seen her like this in years. Just looking at how
freshly fucked she looked made me need to wank again. I asked her if
it would be ok if I played with myself again.
“Sure. Come over here baby,” she said as she sat on the couch and
patted her lap for me to put my head and lay down. I looked up into
her eyes as I grabbed my raw deflated cock for another round. She just
shook her head and sighed.
“Was he good?” I asked.
She laughed. “He was bigger and better than you ever will be!”
“Do you think now we will have sex more often?” I asked.
“You’re just a little boy. Now that I remember what a man feels like,
I think it best that little boys play with themselves and leave the
rest up to the adults” she teased.
“I guess that’s a no?” I said as my cock stiffened for yet another cum.
“That’s a no.” she giggled.
I came again. Barely any cum was left as I moaned like a little boy
and arched my pelvis up to let loose what little cum my balls had
left. She patted my head and watch the pathetic spectacle.
“That’s a good boy” she said.

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