Podcasturbation #09-1016: Confession is Good for the Penis

Podcasturbation #09-1016: Confession is Good for the Penis

The second most common urge among nearly all chronic masturbators (after the obvious one) is to “confess” his/her masturbation addiction to someone. It does not matter whether he is a “proud” masturbator celebrating his liberation and solosexual lifestyle, or a shameful guilty masturbator sneaking around in his private wanker closet. We all need to acknowledge, express, validate, and share this paramount dimension of our lives. In this podcasturbation I offer my personal confession and encourage you to offer yours. And yes, there is an orgasmic admission and emission at the end. 

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5 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #09-1016: Confession is Good for the Penis

  1. this is my favorite podcast, Richard, well done. I’m so ashamed, I am so pathetic. your pathetic masturbator, Jay

  2. Jay
    Never feel ashamed that you masturbate.
    I confess that I am masturbating right now.I don’t feel ashamed at All.

  3. I am a pathetic masturbator, I want to confess, the shame, the humiliation, the pure wonderful feeling masturbation brings me.

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