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Your Quickest cum

 post by HandPussy1 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:56 pm

I don’t remember why, but I was alone one afternoon with my high school girlfriend’s mom. I think I had been helping her with some chore. We began talking about sex, mostly because she wanted to ask me what I did with her daughter and checking that we weren’t fucking yet. I was being very candid and honest. As I admitted to sucking her daughter’s nipples and finger-fucking her pussy and being so hard when we made out. I was getting very aroused talking to her mom. She was the first older woman I had ever talked to about these things. It was obvious from the way my pants were bulging that I had an erection. She asked me what did I normally do to relieve myself when my penis “got this way” since I had truthfully admitted that her daughter hadn’t yet begun to give me handjobs or oral sex.  

“Do you just go home and masturbate?” she asked. 

I said “yes, usually”. She said she hated when women were prick teasers and left boys in that condition after making out. She said she might have a talk with her daughter about it. She then told me to unzip and then to take out my dick. No one – not even her daughter- would need to find out if she “helped me out just this once.” My heart was pounding as she reached over and gently curled her fingers around my shaft. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt! I was so fucking aroused that even before she finished the first stroke I started squirting my cum. I was so embarrassed.

She just laughed and said it was okay, but hoped that I could learn to control it better if her daughter ever touched me that way.



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