Masturbation Support Hotline – Closed until end of May

The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is not open at this time. 

The Masturbation Hotline will remain closed until the end of May, due to personal travel. I look forward to supporting your masturbator needs on return. 

  • If you want priority masturbator support during the next session, complete the Priority Masturbator Support Request form. Don’t block your caller ID, so I can recognize you in future calls. You can also leave a chat message on Skype.  

When the Hotline is closed, you may listen to the voices of other masturbators in The Wank Bank 

The Hotline is usually open once a week, usually on Mondays during the day (Central US Time). Additional times may be announced. Check the Hotline Calendar for the scheduled times and current status for latest announcements.

SEXUAL AROUSAL TRIGGER WARNING: The Masturbation Support Hotline does not provide professional therapy or counseling. Frank discussion of chronic masturbation addiction may cause sexual arousal and trigger an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Persons attempting to recover from masturbation addiction should seek professional guidance.