Binge masturbation

A masturbator wrote:

I am lucky in that we are empty nesters, meaning kid grown and gone
and have a two story house with a office/tv room upstairs. The wife
almost never comes up stairs, but she had rather me keep my nasty
filthy habit out of her site anyway. So I can come home get naked and
play with myself for hours on end with out any intrusion. Back in my
younger days, meaning 40’s and 50’s I would masturbate and cum daily,
some times twice or more in day, but now happy with just masturbating
every day and maybe cumming every couple or three days. Now try
to “save it up” so will have something to spurt. If standing up and
have my balls and cock tied just right can shoot 6 or 8 inches. It
just normaly cums out no shooting. The best I have been able to do in
past several years, conditions were just right I guess, was about 2
1/2 feet. I had my balls and cock tied and was straddling the edge of
a coffee table stroking so that my balls were hitting aganist the
table (every sence I can remember I loved to have my ball hitting
aganist something and just like the sound as they hit) and I shot
over and across the table.

1 thought on “Binge masturbation

  1. Sounds a lot like me. Only my computer room is downstairs and my wife is upstairs. She is well aware of my habit and in fact encouraged me to masturbate as much as I wanted a long time ago, and I have always masturbated openly in her company. In fact on the rare occasions I didn’t she would ask me why not. Needless to say that would be all the encouragement I needed. Same as you in my 40’s and 50’s I used to jerk off every day, usually about 15 times a week. Now I mostly edge and only cum 2 or 3 times a week, I cannot shoot very far and my cum only drips or flows out.

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