Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

The punning title of this podcasturbation should be understood in both senses: sharing the burden of masturbation addiction, and sharing the loads of cum we masturbators regularly produce.  It began with my second masturbation of the morning, when I was overwhelmed by a desire to share my feelings with my fellow chronic masturbators. Hopefully you will wish to share the load with me. 

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2 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

  1. Richard
    When you are openly masturbating during your audio podcasts myself and other Chronic Masturbators are milking our cocks right along with you.I am sure the women listening are also turned on and rubbing their pussies.
    I am really enjoying rubbing my cock and balls right now. My penis Aches to be rubbed-it’s Pulsing.
    I Thoroughly Enjoy Sharing my Load with you during your penis Podcasturbations. You help me Literally In Touch with my Penis.

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