Podcasturbation #09-0201: Understanding Masturbation Addiction

Podcasturbation #09-0201: Understanding Masturbation Addiction

In the podcasturbation I offer understanding of masturbation addiction. Not understanding in the clinical or medical sense; rather in the intimate personal sense of sympathetic support.  I know, from long personal experience, what it is to live silently with addiction to masturbation, unable to speak about this most important thing in our lives and cut off from fellows who share our experiences. Masturbators crave understanding, and together we can provide it.

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3 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #09-0201: Understanding Masturbation Addiction

  1. Richard, I’ve been waiting for the ability to upload attachments, i.e. cock pics for fellow members pleasure and enjoyment.

  2. Richard, you and Jane and Farmington Female have been so lovingly supportive, and passionate in your dedication, that I find myself lovingly pleasuring my phallus to ejaculation on a daily basis.

    Michael The Masturbator

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