Podcasturbation #08-1106: Are You a Penis Person?

Podcasturbation #08-1106: Are You a Penis Person?

Do you use your penis for sex with a partner? Or is you penis your sex partner? If the latter, then you are a penis person.

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2 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #08-1106: Are You a Penis Person?

  1. I am Definately a Penis Person.I would rather play with my Penis than to have intercourse.
    Ever since finding this site and listening to Richard masturbate I find myself wanting to get home so I can Masturbate and have a Intense Cumm with Richard.
    I’m Pleasuring my aching Penis right now.I hope you are Pleasuring your genitals reading this.Its a Big Turn on knowing others are Masturbating while visiting this website.It feels so good rubbing our genitals.Give your genitals the Pleasuring they Crave.Lets have a Nice long Intense Cumm Together!

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