Podcasturbation #08-0924: Shame on you pt. 1

Podcasturbation #08-0924: Shame on you pt. 1

Our first experiences of self-gratification are often mixed with shame. For some of us, the shame and enjoyment of masturbation cyclically reinforce each other to the extent that they become inseparably bound. The early imprinting lasts a lifetime, and shame remains our constant familiar when we masturbate. But the shame also becomes eroticized, intensifying and animating our masturbatory pleasures.

Not all masturbators feel thus. Many are “proud masturbators” and have little understanding an less sympathy for those who remain “shameful masturbators”. But if you are one of those with conflicted feelings about your masturbation addiction, who find a perverse excitement in your sense of shameful indulgence, this podcasturbation is for you. Join me and let’s experience the pains and pleasures of our secret shameful habit.

This first part deals with our first introduction to masturbation and the shame that teenage boys instinctively feel about their secret discovery.

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