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Sam had jokingly referred to the den computer, with it’s lazy-boy recliner and TV-sized screen, as a deluxe porn station. The conversation had gone quickly from there, and ended with Brian’s permission to use the widescreen computer to masturbate while they were away, as long as he and Sam kept a hidden folder and each filled it with the most provocative images they came across while lounging back and jerking off to internet porn.

Thought I’d post a bit of fiction that’s relevant to the group. I wrote this a while ago and break it out once in a while when I’m ready to finish a bate session with a nice splashy orgasm. There’s something extra horny about reading erotica you’ve written specifically for your own tastes – not to mention the memories of all the masturbating you did while writing it :) Enjoy!

“Hi, guys!” Sam and Susan opened their front door and greeted their friends Brian and Allison. The two couples were old college friends and still had dinner together on a regular basis. There were hugs all around, shoes came off, wine was opened. The four friends spent a few minutes catching up with each other in the kitchen, and the conversation eventually came around to the improvements Sam and Susan were making to their house.

“We got rid of our old TV and put a projector in the den, you’ve got to check it out,” Sam said to Brian. “It’s amazing, sharp as a pin. Dinner’s not quite ready yet, is it hon?”

“No darling, you boys go play with your toys a minute,” Susan smiled, and turned back to her conversation with Allison.

The two men walked upstairs to the couch-lined den and Sam fired up the newly installed projector. He dimmed the lights and put on a few minutes of a Star Wars film, showing off the huge vibrant picture plastered across the wall. While the scene was playing he switched on the computer sitting on the desk in the corner.

“I hooked this up to the projector too,” said Sam, and Brian looked at him suddenly, remembering the first time Sam had asked him to house-sit their dogs while he and Susan were on vacation. Sam had jokingly referred to the den computer, with it’s lazy-boy recliner and TV-sized screen, as a deluxe porn station. The conversation had gone quickly from there, and ended with Brian’s permission to use the widescreen computer to masturbate while they were away, as long as he and Sam kept a hidden folder and each filled it with the most provocative images they came across while lounging back and jerking off to internet porn.

Sam looked back at him, grinning. “Oh yeah, it’s like that,” he said. “Just watch.” Quickly he brought up the folder and typed in their shared password, then ran a program. A slideshow opened and started cycling slowly through their secret folder, beginning with the earliest images they’d each saved.

“Nice!” said Brian, his cock swelling rapidly as he recognized images he’d jerked off to a few years ago, and the first ones Sam had saved for him. A teenaged beauty sat with her legs spread wide, her glistening pink pussy flowering across the den wall, then the same girl was impaled on a huge curved cock with a look of ecstasy. Brian shifted his hardon to a more comfortable position in his pants and glanced across at Sam, who was absentmindedly rubbing his own bulge while gazing at the enormous screen in front of them.

“You think we’ve got time to…” Brian glanced at the hallway leading downstairs. The musical voices of their wives’ chatter floated up to them. “Sure,” Sam responded, unzipping his fly, “there’s another ten minutes before the roast is done and then it has to cool. We’ve got time.” He hauled his raging cock through his fly and grabbed it hard, as Brian pulled the den door half-closed and then fished out his own twitching erection.

The two of them pulled back hard on their pricks, their cockheads swelling with heat as the pictures cycled. Here was a string of pictures Brian had saved during that first time house-sitting, currently cycling through an amateur photoshoot with a woman who looked like one of the roommates they’d lived with during college. In one shot she was lifting her shirt above her head, a happy smile for the camera. In the next she was totally nude and bending over, showing her purple furry pussy.

“Fuck yeah, Christine,” Ben muttered, and the two of them chuckled quietly at the reference to their hot former roommate while they beat hard on their swollen genitals.

Downstairs Susan and Allison paused in their chat as they refilled their wine glasses, and ever so slightly they heard the men chuckling. They glanced at each other meaningfully.

“I bet Sam’s already showing him how the projector is hooked up to our den computer,” Susan said, and Allison rolled her eyes with realization. “So of course they have to beat off to it.” The two women shared a knowing laugh and clinked their freshened glasses of wine. “Those boys,” said Allison, “they really can’t help themselves, can they? At least they have plenty left over for us.”

“Oh I’ll say,” agreed Susan. Absentmindedly she pressed the heel of her hand against her crotch for a moment, then caught herself with a little laugh. “But it does get me horny, knowing our men are in there jacking off together, thinking they’re so clever getting away with it…”

“You remember the way we were with each other back in college, right? They still have no idea we used to masturbate with each other.” Allison drained her glass, and with a theatrical flourish pushed her hand down her jeans and rubbed for a moment, then withdrew her fingers and showed Susan how they glistened.

“Allison!” Susan said quietly. “You know what that does to me.” Her hand went to her crotch and she cupped the sudden warmth flooding her vagina. Allison smiled impishly and unzipped her jeans, pushing her long fingers back down into her panties and rubbing with firm strokes.

Susan sighed and impatiently pulled up the front of her dress, revealing her trimmed full-lipped pussy. She cupped her bare cunt in the same motion as before, feeling her lips swell and part beneath her fingers, her wetness oozing down her inner thigh. She began to pet her sudden slickness from bottom to top, now using her other hand to keep her labia parted as she leaned back and stroked away at her swollen pussy.

Meanwhile Allison fiddled away at her own clit, frigging her fingers in little circles inside her panties. Like their husbands upstairs they were both going for a quick furious ruboff, amused that they could get away with it at the same time as their compulsively masturbating husbands without the men even suspecting that something was going on, even at they thought they concealed their own jackoff session. The smell of cooking dinner mingled with the faint scents of pussy wafting into the warm kitchen.

Upstairs the air was thick with salty cock as the men spanked their hardons with intent. The pictures were now cycling through a naked man surrounded by fully clothed women, his dick hard and red, sometimes handled by him, sometimes by one or more of the women while they traded knowing amused looks. The final pictures in the set showed his stiffened member shooting long white streaks of cum all over their clothes, and the men stifled groans as they bore down harder on their eager erections.

Next came a series of facial cumshots, various pretty women with their faces covered in pale goo. Some of them in were the act of receiving a massive ejaculation, and some of them were simply posing with a hard, still-twitching cock next to the mess it had made, now artfully decorating their exquisite faces.

“Uhhh!” exclaimed Brian as his dick throbbed with urgent need. If he had been fucking he would have doubled his efforts to pound himself into vaginal wet heat, but instead he choked up even harder on the head of his prick as he beat off.

Brian remembered saving the next sequence as they flashed up; it had been part of his effort to include everything that seemed hot. His browsing had wandered into an amateur site, then a subsection for thicker women. Because he found himself beating off to these chunky women in their unvarnished beauty he dutifully saved the best shots. As a result, both men were beating off at full speed when the huge bright screen switched to a thick-thighed sultry beauty in a bikini, peeling it off to show the big soft tits and plump pussy underneath. The sequence gave way to a heavyset woman with a pixie cut showing off her wide ass, then bending over at the waist to give the camera a better look at the gaping pussy hanging down between her giant cheeks.

“You son-of-a-bitch…” Sam gritted out. His hand was a blur as he pounded away at the delicious feeling in his swollen cock, threatening to spill over into orgasm at any moment. “Switching it up like that…”

Now the woman was on her back, vast thighs up behind her arms, showing a full expanse of bulging belly, juicy swollen mons and a plush grabbable ass. “You know you’d hit that,” Brian gasped back. “Jump on top… pound so hard… uh uh – errruuuuuuhhh!”

He leaned back and started shooting cum into the tissue he’d already grabbed in preparation. Sam came at the same time, panting softly as he spurted his wad into his own tissue. The two of them milked their stiff shafts, making the most of their quickly bought orgasms, then stood for just a moment and watched the next few images as they clutched their sensitive dicks tightly, feeling them slowly subside. Then they quickly set about cleaning themselves up for dinner, wiping slick strings of cum from their knuckles with old practice.

Downstairs the two women laughed again as they heard little snatches of their husbands’ orgasms trickle through the air. The boys were not always as clever as they thought, but their wives nevertheless enjoyed listening to their quiet half-contained moans – especially when the sounds served to fuel the girls’ own masturbatory sessions, as it did now.

Hearing their husbands coming, both women sped up their frantic rubbing and concentrated on their throbbing clits, humping their hips against their rubbing hands as if they were thrusting back on real cocks. With a silent synchronicity they’d practiced since their dorm room days they quickly rubbed to a mutual climax, stiffening and jerking in silence as they watched each others’ faces and came, getting off on each others’ horny orgasms and the furtive rubbing off coming to a conclusion upstairs.

When it was mostly over they each let go of their breath and panted to a quiet conclusion, pushing just a few more rubs into their twitching clits until they were too sensitive to go on. Susan tossed a clean dishtowel to Allison and took another for her self, wiping her fingers and blotting the slick juices from her crotch. They heard the boys shutting down the projector upstairs; it was almost time for dinner.


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