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Although we all have our unique interests and habits, there are some tendencies that the majority of us probably have in common. I’ll list a few for your masturbatory amusement – see if you can recognize yourself.


Signs of the Chronic Masturbator

Post by jameshat » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:29 pm

Although we all have our unique interests and habits, there are some tendencies that the majority of us probably have in common. I’ll list a few for your masturbatory amusement – see if you can recognize yourself.

If you’re single and cum or edge every day, you’re definitely serious about your masturbation. If you have regular sex and still masturbate daily you’re moving into chronic masturbation territory. And if you’re in a relationship but you choose to live separately so you can still have long ‘bate sessions whenever you want, that makes you committed to masturbating.

Now if you live with a partner or roommates, you’re probably a chronic masturbator if you immediately start touching yourself whenever you have alone time. If your partner or roommates make comments about you doing this, then you’re such a chronic masturbator that even they can tell. And if you’ve gotten to the point where you just plain jerk off in front of your partner or roommates, then obviously you’re a fully committed masturbator – even more so if you use porn while you do it.

Serious masturbators have a sex toy, chronic masturbators have multiple sex toys, and committed masturbators use multiple toys per session to enjoy a wider spectrum of stroking. Serious masturbators have a favorite cumrag, chronic masturbators have one that’s actually labeled “Cum Rag,” and truly committed masturbators leave it unwashed to get off on the sight and smell of previous sessions.

Serious masturbators keep a box of tissues on their computer desk, for obvious reasons. Chronic masturbators keep a bottle of hand lotion there as well. Committed masturbators don’t even move them when company comes over – this is how to recognize a fellow masturbator when visiting their home.

If you have to limit yourself to edging in order to save some orgasms for your partner, then you’re firmly in chronic masturbation territory. Once you start doing this, you may be motivated to have more sex just so you can have full wank sessions afterwards – if you find yourself doing this, doesn’t it mean that your real commitment is to masturbation? And of course, the most masturbatory among us make sure to handle our own genitals during sex in whatever way we can, and fuck while fantasizing about masturbation and recent jackoff sessions.

Anything else come to your mind? Feel free to add it below!


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8 thoughts on “Onania Masturbator Forum: Signs of the Chronic Masturbator

  1. Richard
    I do keep those penis toys busy.
    I put the vibrating cocking on the base of my Throbbing Penis and I use two vibrators on my cock.One vibrator I place on my frenulum and the other vibrator I rub on the glans of my cock underneath the ridge of my pulsing penis.
    I Cumm Intensly very quickly. I also have two plastic pussies that get a workout.
    What sex toys do you All have?

  2. One of the penis toys I love are the flexible vibrating cock rings that are sold at adult places.They have two small vibrators built in them.After I leave the adult store I can’t wait to slip the cocking on my aching throbbing penis in my car. Just thinking about this has me rubbing my penis and massaging my balls.
    I also have a couple of small vibrators that I bought at the adult shop.i use them on the frenulum of my cock and on the shaft of my Throbbing cock.The sensations are incredible.I don’t want to Cumm too fast though.
    I also have two pocket pussies that I use once in awhile.For me it’s All about Pleasuring my penis.Lets Masturbate our genitals together now.Lets have a Intense Cumm together!

  3. I’m a chronic masturbator who no longer/able to have sex with my wife. I was a failure, premature ejaculated or failed to erect…..all because of my chronic masturbation and preference to my hand. I’m so ashamed of my weakness, although it arouses me so……cant stop

  4. I am a committed masturbator. I have more than one sex toy at my disposal that I can use to give my penis the pleasure it aches for. I am Proud to say that!

  5. There are those of us who have stopped having intercourse with our wives so we can just masturbate and get greatly aroused by this.

    I haven’t fucked my wife in 6 years and am proud of that!

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