Onania Masturbator Forum: Jane from Chicago: I am female and love to masturbate

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, Jane from Chicago Wrote:

I hate it when people think that women do not like sex or masturbation as much as men. I love both, and have been very horny for most of my life. I date long distance to a very erotic, fun loving, adventure seeking man, but he is not always around so yes I have to masturbate. I would more than likely masturbate even if he was around on a regular basis. (He does like to see me play with myself) I found this site one day as I was masturbating and am writing this as I am masturbating. I do it almost daily, yesterday i masturbated 3 times and this is my second today. It does take me a long time to cum, but maybe also like many men on this site that I love to prolong the great feelings that masturbation brings.

I can go hours, I love to feel good. I could possibly be a woman edging. My boyfriend and I can also play with each other for hours and just pleasure, and entice each other as well. I own a few Hitachi Vibrators and they get put to a lot of use almost daily. I said a few as I hate to not have a toy if one happens to get overheated from my extended time playing and stop working, I then have an immediate backup. So yes I have one brand new under my bed as we speak. I love to play with my clit and get my pussy juicy. I masturbate a lot and at times it makes me not do the things that I need to be doing but also it makes me chronically late for things that I need to be present for. There are times I get out of bed after my orgasm and think, “Wow, its been three hours!” There are plenty of times on a day off when I will masturbate and then come back to it a few hours later and want it all over again. I enjoy some phone sex, lots of Tumblr pics, and of course free porn movies of all kinds. I have tried some new things with my boyfriend that I never thought I would like but has broadened my horizons for lots of great sex. I have left the house many times with a wet pussy after hours of play…no time to shower as it took me so long to get off and cannot be more late. In the warmer months I often leave the panties behind, and find it very erotic to go out with no panties on. My boyfriend has turned me onto nude beaches as he lives in FL, so I have become a big fan! I do love the all over tan and the people you see and what they do on a nude beach can be very arousing. I once saw a man with a very long and hard penis exposing himself as we walked the beach, he was stroking on and off, it was beautiful. I have seen a couple play with each other by rubbing each other and it was nice to know that I was not the only one craving it. Also one time my boyfriend rubbed on my clit for about a half an hour as a man sitting somewhat close watched and stroked as he did, it was hot to see him while watching me. I am very vocal (as some of you know) and I am sure that man sitting across from us heard me moaning. We were also once at a B and B he woke me up in the middle of the night and we started going at it, after about 10 minutes of me moaning from him licking my pussy we all of a sudden heard the couple in the next room start to moan and have sex. We loved that we turned them on so much that they started to have sex too. I do love to come to this site and read all the interesting things that men say about their addiction, I wish I could find more sites about how much women love sex and masturbation. Anyway I have been wanting to share and confess for a while on this site, and at one time Richard sent me an email to try to express and introduce myself and I have finally taken the plunge. writing this has definitely turned me on and my clit is feeling soooo good right now. I have the vib resting on the chair as I have my clit resting on the vib so I can use both hands to type, but quite honestly I just want to rub my wet, swollen pussy. I hope you have enjoyed my sexual confessions and I love reading what you have to say so please drop a note. Be well and keep feeling good.

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  1. Thank you so much for ‘taking the plunge’ and sharing your love for masturbatory sex. We’re mostly men here, but we all share your excitement and erotic fulfillment in masturbation. You have left me dripping with precum :)

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