Onania Masturbator Forum: I masturbated openly in adult theater again

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 Confession: I masturbated openly in adult theater again

One of the hottest things to me at the adult theater is finding a fellow addicted masturbator and sitting in the seat next to him. He will have his penis out (pants down to ankles usually) and be openly masturbating. I love pulling my sweats down to expose my penis to him–I almost always wear sweats, no underwear so it is easy to pull them down to display my penis. I start masturbating my penis, and he continues pumping on his penis, and if he is good, we start the conversation that is so exciting to me while I beat off. I love looking him in the eye as both of our heads are jumping around a little because we are pumping our penises. “Are you married?” I always ask. “Yes” gets me really going. “I am, too…and I love jacking off…I just can’t get enough.” He will respond similarly, and I get even more excited. “How much do you jack off? I sometimes spend 6 or 6 hours just jacking my penis, and if my wife goes to visit her sister, I will spend 9 or 12 hours masturbating…I don’t even stop to eat.” “Ohhh I love that!” he might reply, and “I do the same thing. Anytime my wife is gone, my penis is in my hand.” “Mmmmmm I would rather jack off for a few hours than eat or sleep or fuck, or anything!” Pump pump pump pump Those kinds of conversations can go on for hours while we sit next to each other mindlessly, endlessly, pumping away on our penises…. Sheer HEAVEN to me!


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5 thoughts on “Onania Masturbator Forum: I masturbated openly in adult theater again

  1. My Penis Aches to be Masturbated again in front of Other Chronic Masturbators-Very Erotic don’t you think?

  2. I enjoy going to a adult theater/ bookstores so I can masturbate to porn with other Masturbators.Some video booths have a small hole in the partition so you can watch other Masturbators while you also masturbate-Very Erotic for me. Don’t you think watching other Masturbators pleasuring their genitals Very Erotic?
    I’m sensually rubbing my throbbing penis to these visuals.I hope you are as well.
    I am thinking about going to the adult theatre to give my penis some Pleasure it Craves.I hope some other Masturbators watch me and get themselves off watching me. May is Masturbation month btw.
    Masturbation ideally should be shared.I have Intense Cumms watching others masturbate and them watching me.Lets have a Intense Cumm together.Our genitals Deserve such Pleasure don’t you think?

  3. It’s Great to be in a adult theater with other chronic Masturbators.
    You look around and see other Masturbators milking their cocks.Unfortunately you Rarely see a woman rubbing her pussy there-So Erotic as well.
    Next thing you know you have your Throbbing cock out and you are rubbing yourself as well.I am Rubbing/Milking myself right now. You should as well.I am turned on that you are Rubbing yourself right now.Don’t stop Milking yourself.
    It’s a Big turn on for me watching others openly Masturbating themselves(and a few each other) in a adult theater.-Very Erotic. I also thoroughly enjoy openly masturbating for others in a adult theater.Watching the hot action on the screen fuels more handjobs.
    I have to pace myself masturbating.I don’t want to Cumm too quick. Seeing males milk other cocks is pleasing to watch and Very Erotic.
    May is Masturbation month.Lets milk ourselves and each other.
    I Always have a Intense Cumm in a adult theater-Don’t You? Let’s Cumm together! @@——-> ——

  4. I am sensually rubbing my throbbing penis to this hot story.i hope you are as well.
    I too have openly masturbated my penis in a adult theater.At first I was shocked seeing other males openly masturbating themselves and each other.Some males standing up in the back row sensually and calmly milking each other’s cocks.Other males sitting next to each other masturbating themselves and each other.
    I sat by myself and thoroughly enjoy seeing other males sharing their love of masturbating their Throbbing Penis to each other.
    After seeing Allt this hot action in the theater I take my Throbbing Penis out of my briefs.Seeing other males giving each other handjobs is so erotic. I want to sensually milk another males Throbbing hot penis and have him stroke my manhood as well-so natural and normal.
    I see the veins in my Throbbing Penis pulsing as I milk my Penis faster.The Focus is on my Penis Pleasure.I have an Intense orgasm and my sweet Sperm jizz flies Everywhere..
    I often masturbate and have Intense Cumms to this Hot experience.So much sweet,sticky Precum is oozing out of my throbbing penis-I Love tasting it.Lets masturbate and have an Intense Cumm.Pretend we are sensually milking each others Throbbing Maleness and Focusing on giving each other Penis Pleasure.

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