A masturbator wrote

a masturbator wrote: 

As a chronic Masturbator, I try to put myself into situations that I might get caught.  I enjoy taking hikes in the woods totally naked with my cock and balls wrapped so that my cock is keep erect.  When I reach a meadow I kneel and start to stroke my swollen cock.  While I masturbate I yell, “I am a Masturbator” and “I am masturbating.  Once two women riding horses on a trail just below the meadow Acted like they did not see or hear me, they did not stop, but turned there heads and smiled directly at me.  

I travel often for work and love to play the “house keeping” game.  The house keeping staff usually clean the room while I am working so in the evening I call House Keeping and ask for fresh  to be delivered to my room. 


After I have made the call I strip down totally nude, kneel in front of the door and start Masturbating.  When they knock at the door and say, “house keeping” I wait about 5 stroked before standing up put on my robe and open the door.  Most of the time I ask for towels.  This way I can tell the person to please put them in the bathroom.  No maid ever mentioned my erection, but I think most have noticed. 


Only once did the “house keeping” game got me caught in the act.  I set up as usual, the knock on the door, I continued to stroke my cock only this time the room maid did not wait for an answer.  There I was kneeling directly facing the open door and the house keeping maid.  There was nothing I could do, I was so excited by this Latino maid standing in the open door frame, I keep on stroking my cock and shot my load on the floor between the maid and myself.  I could not speak or move  thankfully the maid waked in and placed the towels down next to me,  and with a heavy Spanish accent said, “please clean up your mess” 


It was such a turn on that when the maid left the room I stayed where I was and kept masturbating. 


any other chronic masturbators ever get caught?




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  1. I have been caught indeed a certain number of times in my long life of masturbation. As a matter of fact, as soon as I get into a hotel room I strip naked and start wanking, edging for a long long moment.
    Even if I travel with my wife.Most of the time she goes to the bath room or outside to smoke or anything… while I stay in the room. That’s when, eventually, room service persons entered thinking the room still unoccupied to add some towels or things. Most of them saying “oops sorry” ; others more rarely do their job as though I wasn’t there wanking; Others, females, still more seldom stared on with a “keep on going” smile.

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