Buddy Whackitt: A day in the life of this Masturbator.

A day in the life of this Masturbator

by Buddy Whackitt

I’m a compulsive masturbator. I don’t think I’m an addict but the compulsion is so strong and the habit so well-formed I might as well be.
What follows is a description of a typical day for me. I work from home in my own office in a private corner of the house. Although my wife and kids are home pretty much all the time the location of my office gives me hours of privacy. I think just going down into my office and sitting behind the computer is a strong trigger for my behavior. I feel like pulling down my pants pretty much from the moment I sit down.

So usually what happens is I sit down with some intention toward doing some work and being productive. Maybe right away or maybe after a few minutes of tense restraint go by before I have my Porn Browser open and am checking messages on JackinChat or seeing what other masturbator friends are up to on Google+. I have a project I’ve been working on, it’s a website map for finding other masturbators looking for a buddy to masturbate with. So I might be just checking on that or seeing if anyone needs to be updated. If the family is home, and they usually are, my urge to get completely naked is suppressed but I can’t help but have my fly open and start rubbing myself through my underwear. Very soon after that I’m poking my dick out through the leg of my boxers or out the fly and listening for any sound of someone coming down the stairs. Now I have a couple of tabs open in my porn browser. Usually a couple of Imagefap galleries and maybe I’m on Chaturbate watching another masturbator working his dick.
I start off rubbing it dry although I prefer to use albolene as jack lube. I think I’m still kidding myself at this point that I’ll won’t be jerking off today. I’ll just rub it a bit but I can already feel the surge of adrenaline and excitement. Not long after that I feel the skin on my penis start to feel chafed so I squeeze out a drop of albolene and massage that into my cockhead. It feels so good melting into my skin, going from a slightly slimy glob to slick oil. At this point I’m very likely to be drooling out some precum. If I pull on my cock back-hand style it tends to draw more of it out adding to the albolene slickness. I sometimes like licking up my precum but I get a lot more out of it as a lube additive.
Here’s where the edge starts to build up. Just about as the precum is flowing I start feeling these waves of energy that seem to flow between the base of my cock/balls area and my spine. It just pulses back and forth. At the same time I ride these spasms my dick goes through very close to but not going all the way into an orgasm. Fast or slow I’m stroking now and feeling it build up and letting it slide back down again. If I’m home alone I can really get into the feeling and start talking to my penis egging it on, breathing and groaning and just getting really crazy into it. When I’m not alone I have to resist the urge to make any noise and limit myself to gasps and very quiet moans. I might be on cam myself at this point, especially if I know I won’t be interrupted.This all goes on for most of the day and typically ends with my running out of time, my “workday” has ended. I probably got a couple of hours of actual productive work in for the 6 or so I’m in my office. I’ll try to calm down, wipe the lube off of my hand and close up shop for the day. I feel pretty spent after I let the arousal ebb. Sometimes though, and especially if I’m alone I’ll go too far and pop right off the edge.
Losing my load is one of those fantastic accidents. On one hand I might be disappointed because now I can’t edge anymore for a little while but on the other I get to have an orgasm. So Win/Lose/Win I guess. Also if it is unplanned I need to get creative about cleanup. Usually I’ll end up shooting on my stomach and hip area but I have on occasion been mindful enough to grab something like a garbage can or cup or something to spooge into. So I’m stroking away and riding the edge and I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Often it’s a distraction or random thought that disturbs my concentration and next thing I know OH OH OH! I gotta cum, NOW! All that’s left after that is the cleanup and closing the porn browser down.
So that’s my first masturbation blog. I hope you all like it and it inspires you to spend some time playing with yourself.

3 thoughts on “Buddy Whackitt: A day in the life of this Masturbator.

  1. Nice to hear from someone with the same enthusiastic appreciation for masturbation that I have. Your graphic descriptions are just what I like, your sincerity as a frequent masturbator is refreshing. Please post more about this important aspect of your life!

  2. i´ve read this masturbation protocol with excitement, and have the same overwhelming feelings! I feel encouraged to stay in, and intense my daily masturbation sessions..

  3. great story, thank you for sharing your masturbation habit with all of us masturbation addicts. we are pathetic.

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