A masturbator’s first adult theater

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I was 18 the first time I walked into an adult theater. 1982. I had been driving by threre and the other adult book stores in the city. Too afraid I’d get carded if I went in the door. I remember the anticipation of going and the hardon I had most of the night before while I tried to sleep. Didn’t know what I’d find there but thought I could at least find a seat out of the way to either pull penis out of my fly or even run my hands over it through my pants.


I was 18 the first time I walked into an adult theater. 1982. I had been driving by threre and the other adult book stores in the city. Too afraid I’d get carded if I went in the door. I remember the anticipation of going and the hardon I had most of the night before while I tried to sleep. Didn’t know what I’d find there but thought I could at least find a seat out of the way to either pull penis out of my fly or even run my hands over it through my pants.

I got there about 30 minutes after they opened. I wonder now how the guy taking the tickets probably knew exactly what I was up to and new I was at it. Like the others in their stories I had to let my eyes adjust.

Anyway my eyes adjusted and I began to see. There were only a couple other guys hanging around in the lobby or in the back by the restroom. I proceeded to walk down the isle and sat down on the left side about five seats in so I could pull off my masturbation plan. The movie was a straight porn and the man was fucking her wet pussy hard. The were lots of close ups on the screen. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the mans dick sliding in and out. I loved the cum shots and he moans the men made while trying to get his dick off. I looked around and started to rub my stiff dick through the outside of my pants. No one seemed to notice but not many other guys there,maybe two more had come in and one sat alone in the middleof the theater. Other guys in the back. I sat there doing that until the movie ended,to afraid to take my penis out. I had created a wet spot on my jeans. I got up and walked with my hand in front of me up the isle. The place now had about 20 men in it. It was noon and I notice some men that looked liked they were on their lunch hour and I noticed men in the seats with their hands in their laps or coats on their laps as I walked. The back row on the right side of the theatre had the most men. While waiting for the other movie to start, I wondered the inner Lobby area as it was dark and lit by red light and dim overhead light. The men in the lobby were smoking and pacing around. Som showing significant bulge. I stood against the wall on the right side, my erection so stiff. I had never felt that hard before in my life. I had one hand in my pocket holding my leaking dick and the other over the wet spot. A man stood beside me for a bit and the headed towards the isle. He brush by me and I thought I felt his hand brush my dick. I was curious to see what was happening in the back row because it seemed like guys we’re talking my and I thought maybe giving head. As I walked by my dream situation was real. There were cocks out of trousers and men masturbating. I was the youngest there and these men, looking back were 40-70. I went and set down a few rows in front of them in the seat against the wall. I decided I’d pull out my now dripping hard dick and finally get started really masturbating. How great it felt to get a hold of my cock and pornography on the screen and other guys maturbating around me. I stayed at it and on the edge for awhile and then I noticed my groin starting to ache. I had never felt that before. I knew was from having such a firm and solid erection. I just didn’t want to release yet. A man then sat down in the row in front of me and a seat over. I covered my penis with my hand pushing it down against my fly. About then the man unzipped himself and pulled out his penis. So I slowly and gently uncovered mine trying not spill yet and rubbed the precum all over my dick. The man then put his hand on the seat back and slowly started dropping his arm off the seat and toward me. Then he touched my knee. I froze not sure what to do. His hand crawled up my leg getting closer to my wet dick. After touching my tight nut sack he managed to get a hold of it. I instinctively began scooting down the seat to give him better access. My dick was now so hard and edged I could barely take this mans hand gently massaging my penis. I slipped further down in the seat to the edge until my back was on the seat and lifting my hips, my cock standing up and out of the fly in my jeans to meet his hand. He started to masturbate me more quickly now that he had total access. I whispered I was close and he replied go ahead and let it go. A second later my sperm shot up out of my dick like a canon all over the seat in front me. He kept pumping away as I came all over my jeans his hand and the floor. It felt like the longest ejaculation of my life. I was so glad he didn’t let go and just kept working my dick the whole time. After I was finished dripping, I quickly tucked my penis away and headed out of the theater. It was better than I ever thought it would be. I spent a lot of Saturday’s and days off there. Always getting there early and trying to stay as long as I could. I began letting myself um quickly after getting there so I could last the day either getting stroke or just sitting back with my pants down beating off


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  1. I remember years ago in the town I live in we had a old movie theater that was showing porn. The movie that was showing was Marilyn Chambers”Behind the Green Door”.
    One scene is a Lesbian scene with Marilyn and five other women. It was very Erotic.Mmy cock was throbbing and aching to be stroked.
    I noticed a older man openly masturbating close to me. At first I was shocked but then I must admit it was nice watching him.masturbate.
    I watched him milk his cock as much as the hot action on the big screen.
    The memorable scene in the movie is that Marilyn is in a sex club on a trapeze.She has one cock in her vagina,one in her mouth and she is masturbating two men-all at the same time.
    My briefs were soaked in cum.
    I got home as fast as I could and milked my cock to a Intense Climax-thinking about Marilyn and the older man openly pleasuring his cock to her.This is the first time I had seen anyone masturbate openly in my presence.
    I am playing with my cock right now.Go ahead and pleasure your genitals now.Pretend I am watching you masturbate. I wish you were watching me now while I pleasure my penis-Very Erotic.Masturbation should be Shared.Lets have a Intense Cumm together!

  2. My first adult theater experience was unique.one of my friends wanted to have a pizza and porno birthday party.he invited me and another male friend.
    I suspected that they shared masturbation but I wasn’t turned off by it at all. My first sexual experience was with a male my age that lived nearby. I had taken turns licking and sucking each other’s cocks in the dark in his bedroom-pretending it was a woman doing this.its Very common for one’s first sexual experience to be with someone of your own gender.
    My two male friends and I went to a local pizza place drank some beers to loosen up and ate at the pizza buffet.I did think it was kinda weird to be watching pot with other male friends-never done that-intrigued.
    We went to the local smaller movie theater that showed porn.It was packed. It was a movie with Busty redhead Lisa DeLeeuw.I found a seat.A young man my age had a paper bag in his lap and was masturbating.I couldn’t believe it-never seen this. I ended up watching him as much as the hot porn onscreen.I had a Big bulge in my jeans and I so wanted to free my cock and Masturbate right there. I chickened out.
    I saw you two male friends after the movie ended and we were bragging about the hot uninhibited women onscreen being sexually liberated.My briefs were Soaked with sweet,sticky Cum. I couldn’t get home fast enough. I milked my Big,Throbbing cock until it sprayed Intense Cumms into the toilet.
    It was a different experience for me.I think my two friends wanted me to join them in their shared masturbation pleasures.At this point in my life I wouldn’t mind having a few male friends to pleasure ourselves and each other.I masturbate A lot and Cumm Intensly to these thoughts.That’s what fantasies are about.
    There is So much sweet Precum oozing out of my throbbing cock its needs my attention right now. Go ahead and rub your genitals and Enjoy the sweet sensations-Intense Cumms for me and you.Self Love is the Best.Enjoy!

  3. I got so horny reading this post that I can’t keep my hands off my Throbbing penis.

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