Podcasturbation #09-0610: Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

Podcasturbation #09-0610: Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

If you say to a normal male, “Why don’t you just go fuck yourself?”, you are likely in for trouble. But to a chronic masturbator, the question is an invitation to go enjoy what he loves best. As masturbators we know that there is an always-willing “fuckbuddy” waiting between our own legs, and we can’t wait to go “fuck” ourselves.  This podcasturbation explores the complex relationship we have with our fuckbuddy and the things we and it do together.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: I masturbated openly in adult theater again

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

 Confession: I masturbated openly in adult theater again

One of the hottest things to me at the adult theater is finding a fellow addicted masturbator and sitting in the seat next to him. He will have his penis out (pants down to ankles usually) and be openly masturbating. I love pulling my sweats down to expose my penis to him–I almost always wear sweats, no underwear so it is easy to pull them down to display my penis. I start masturbating my penis, and he continues pumping on his penis, and if he is good, we start the conversation that is so exciting to me while I beat off. I love looking him in the eye as both of our heads are jumping around a little because we are pumping our penises. “Are you married?” I always ask. “Yes” gets me really going. “I am, too…and I love jacking off…I just can’t get enough.” He will respond similarly, and I get even more excited. “How much do you jack off? I sometimes spend 6 or 6 hours just jacking my penis, and if my wife goes to visit her sister, I will spend 9 or 12 hours masturbating…I don’t even stop to eat.” “Ohhh I love that!” he might reply, and “I do the same thing. Anytime my wife is gone, my penis is in my hand.” “Mmmmmm I would rather jack off for a few hours than eat or sleep or fuck, or anything!” Pump pump pump pump Those kinds of conversations can go on for hours while we sit next to each other mindlessly, endlessly, pumping away on our penises…. Sheer HEAVEN to me!


For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.

Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation

Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation

One of the signal characteristics of a male chronic masturbator is the attention, even devotion, he pays to his penis. “I love my penis” is one of the most common gooning mantras chanted when the masturbator is hovering on the edge of orgasm. But the focus on the penis permeates all his moments, including non-masturbatory ones. In this podcasturbation we explore penis fixation and engage in some of our own.

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Buddy Whackitt: A day in the life of this Masturbator.

A day in the life of this Masturbator

by Buddy Whackitt

I’m a compulsive masturbator. I don’t think I’m an addict but the compulsion is so strong and the habit so well-formed I might as well be.
What follows is a description of a typical day for me. I work from home in my own office in a private corner of the house. Although my wife and kids are home pretty much all the time the location of my office gives me hours of privacy. I think just going down into my office and sitting behind the computer is a strong trigger for my behavior. I feel like pulling down my pants pretty much from the moment I sit down.

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A masturbator wrote

a masturbator wrote: 

As a chronic Masturbator, I try to put myself into situations that I might get caught.  I enjoy taking hikes in the woods totally naked with my cock and balls wrapped so that my cock is keep erect.  When I reach a meadow I kneel and start to stroke my swollen cock.  While I masturbate I yell, “I am a Masturbator” and “I am masturbating.  Once two women riding horses on a trail just below the meadow Acted like they did not see or hear me, they did not stop, but turned there heads and smiled directly at me.   Continue reading

Podcasturbation #09-0317: The Urge to Ejaculate

#09-0317: The Urge to Ejaculate

This is a topic we’ve visited before, but never loses interest for the chronic male masturbator: the overwhelming male urge to ejaculate. While the urge is not unique to male masturbators, the way we respond to and manage the urge sets us apart from other normal copulatory males. In this podcasturbation we discuss the nature of the ejaculatory urge and practice our orgasm management skills. This is not one of my more articulate or cerebral essays, but the genuine enthusiasm may make up for lack of redeeming social value. 

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Celebrity Masturbators: List of People Caught Masturbating in Public

From celebrity masturbators caught red-handed pleasuring themselves in public places like Fred Willard and Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Rubens to a woman caught using a sex toy and watching porn while driving, to a man caught pleasuring himself on a park bench with his shirt off using an armless mannequin, here are the most shameless people ever caught masturbating in public. Enjoy (in private)!

via Celebrity Masturbators: List of People Caught Masturbating in Public.

A Medley of Milking Stories

from the net, various dates

Three stories of male milking


Milking a Husband July 31, 1999

That story about the two lesbians milking a man for his sperm so they could have a baby is wild. I did something similar to my own husband two and a half years ago. We had been married for 11 years and had two children, a girl of 9 and a boy of 5. I wanted another child but my husband refused me! He said he didn’t think we could afford it over the long run. This got me mad as hell and started my thoughts on how to get my way, regardless of what he said. I checked my cycles and when I felt it was yhe optimum time I got him in bed and he placed his condom on his dick as was his habit. I thought to myself that I was going to get that condom with his sperm that night. I suggested a bondage scene followed by hot sex and readily agreed to let me tie him at all four posts with pantyhose. I tied him down nice and tight and knew he was not going anywhere.   Continue reading

Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

The punning title of this podcasturbation should be understood in both senses: sharing the burden of masturbation addiction, and sharing the loads of cum we masturbators regularly produce.  It began with my second masturbation of the morning, when I was overwhelmed by a desire to share my feelings with my fellow chronic masturbators. Hopefully you will wish to share the load with me. 

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