Sometimes I amaze myself

from _masturbation_: Sometimes I amaze myself 

Sometimes I amaze myself
This morning I was at the end of the lifecycle of a cialis pill, but my gf and I managed to have a nice little fuck, but we didn’t cum and weren’t ready to quit. After I starting losing my erection I let my semi-soft cock dangle against her crack. It was still slippery from the lube and her juicy pussy. I rocked against her for a time, and played with her nipples. It felt pretty good and I was getting excited again, although not very hard. I rolled off to take a break and she started stroking my cock. This started feeling really good and I soon took over myself.
I was stroking away, kneeling between her legs and staring at her pussy as I stroked. She was mostly just lying there listening to me moan. The moans must have started getting to her, as she started rubbing her clit. This always gets me going, especially when she jammed a couple of fingers inside her cunt. I then started to get hard and the feeling was great. I finally felt an orgasm starting and I blew my load all over her pussy.
Then we went out to eat and run some errands. I went home later and was messing about the house. I started feeling some twinges “down there.” I wasn’t doing anything important, and I figured, what the hell. I went into bedroom and took my clothes off. I lay on the bed and started playing with my cock. It didn’t take long at all to get really hard. It felt pretty good and I thought it would feel even better with some lube, so I put some on. Now I was going pretty good, but I couldn’t quite cum. This went on for a while, almost cumming a few times, but ending up having to back off and rest.
Finally I thought “I need some porn.” I went to the computer and fired it up. I watched a couple of blowjob videos, including one with Heather Brooks, who has amazing deep-throat talents. Again, it was feeling great, but I needed more inspiration. I played one of my old favorites, “Couple I Feel Myself.” It’s got a very attractive couple (damn cute blond), amatuers, I believe. It starts very slowly, and it takes a while for them to even get undressed. They start playing with each other. She sucks his cock some, then he starts eating her pussy. By this time I was getting really hot and finally blew my load well before the guy in the video. And it (mine) was a pretty good load, considering it was my second of the day.
I know that’s not a record or anything, even for my age, but I was just happy to get off again, because I have such a hard time usually. Hell, I’m happy when I get a hard-on, but that’s nearly every day, so I’m pretty much a happy guy. And it’s a real bonus if I cum – especially twice!
Oh, did I mention I’m 69?

_masturbation_: Sometimes I amaze myself

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