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I had her get all dressed up in stockings lace, etc., she would adjust the lighting and had a full wall mirror opposite her bed, she would watch herself playing and told me she imagined it was her sexual twin, willing her to do these things. She would vibe her clit, at my instruction; insert her dildo into that willing pussy. She fuck her ass, in any position I wanted, she was so into it. 


newbie describing a favorite activity

Post by jy55us » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:51 am

This is a true story:
There was a woman I would encounter with some regularity in a free party line, who would go private with me and get into some amazingly HOT play. She was a ‘switcher’, that is she could be very submissive, and very dominant. We were not into the so-called abusive play, but into the sensual instruction type. This woman would get her videos on, typically of lesbian sex, get her toys out and call the line, and spend hours masturbating with people. Every time we played, it was lengthy, seductive, arousing, frustrating, and ultimately so orgasmic that the memory of the conversation was enough to fuel fantasies for days on end.

She loved to be told in explicit detail, what to do, and what to wear, and how to do it.

I had her get all dressed up in stockings lace, etc., she would adjust the lighting and had a full wall mirror opposite her bed, she would watch herself playing and told me she imagined it was her sexual twin, willing her to do these things. She would vibe her clit, at my instruction; insert her dildo into that willing pussy. She fuck her ass, in any position I wanted, she was so into it. 

I would stroke my cock ever so lightly so I could last the entire blissful session. I would focus her mind on concentrating on her sensations, my voice, encouraging her to the brink, over and over, then urging her to cum. It was awesome!

She would almost cum for me 4-5 times, as I teased myself along, waiting. Her cries of passion, her desire to go further, and get even more aroused repeatedly were such a turn on it was astounding!

Finally, I would let her cum knowing she would be right back up to that level of arousal shortly, until she was nearly beside herself. 

Usually one toy or another would have her cumming for me. Of course, if she was as I had her now, it was because hearing her cum several times had made me so excited I was going to need to squirt soon myself.

Here is how a typical session would go:

“Alexis, look in the mirror,” I said. “Take in the vision of your naked flesh, displayed like a banquet for you to indulge yourself.”

“Mmm,” she moaned. “I’m so wet. My clit is aching and I am so swollen! I love doing this!”

“Okay, “I breathed. ” Start by opening your legs wide and caressing just your fingertips lovingly along the silkiness of your inner thighs, from the knees up, circle around your hips WITHOUT touching your pussy and around to the backs of your thighs. While you are doing that look at your open pussy, think about the pleasure you are feeling. Anticipate the intensity, and feel, really feel your skin, the texture, the sensation of your fingers, and watch the reaction between your legs.”

“OH please let me touch my clit! I need to so bad!” 

My cock twitched at the sound of her lust.

“Do you have your toys ready, Lexis?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, always for you!” she answered, her voice shaking with anticipation

“Ok,” I said, with increasing excitement in my voice. “Then take your favorite dildo, and look at it. Examine it. Take in all the detail. Focus on how all those textures is going to feel as they slide in and out of your wet cunt.”

“Oh yes!” she breathed.

“Reach down and slide the length of it along your swollen pussy,” I urged her. “Tease the head of that cock all around your clitoris, slowly ever so slowly work that fat dildo deep into your tight hole…now start fucking yourself as you watch the girl in the mirror do the same. Concentrate on the sensations, the pleasure you are feeling! This is why we do this, because it feels so fucking good!”

Alexis moaned with pleasure as she fucked herself to my vivid encouragement. 

“Keep that dildo buried up your tight pussy, and lube up your other dildo,” I told her.

As she did this I asked, “Don’t you love being so aroused, Alexis? Look at that fat cock sticking out of you. You want more, don’t you?” 

“Oh God yes!” she cried, “I’m so fucking horny! Please let me fuck myself until I cum! I need it so bad…!”

“That is exactly what is going to happen, Alexis, “I answered.

“But first we need to fill up that butt hole of yours. Keeping the dildo in your cunt and clenching it with your muscles, reach down and lube up your asshole. Slide a finger inside and make sure to get it really slick,” I directed.

“OH my…..oh so hot, so hot…!’ was her reaction. ” I’m doing it! My finger up my ass feels so good, my clit is ACHING, and oh I’m ready!”

All this time I was slowly edging my cock, spreading the pre-cum around the head, gently massaging my full balls, incredibly aroused as well.

With my voice shaking a little, I said, “Now take that other dildo and make sure it is slicked up as well. Then press it up against your tight ass and gently push it in deeply, and start a gentle in and out fucking of your ass. You can start fucking yourself in the pussy as well!”

Her moans were now so intense, as she reveled in her sensations, barely able to form words. 

After about five minutes or so I suddenly said, “Stop! Take your hands off your toys but leave them in. Play with your tits, tease the nipples.”

“God I’m so horny!” she cried out. “My asshole and pussy are on fire! I want to fuck myself so bad, please let me!”

We did this start and stop trick for a bit, keeping her on the edge of orgasm.

“Please, please let me cum! Oh I NEED to cum….” She begged.

That was what I was waiting for. I decided it was time for her to cum, and cum hard and intensely.

“Ok, Alexis, it is time now. Listen to me carefully. Without letting those cocks slip out of you, position yourself on your knees facing the mirror. Make sure, as much as you can that you can see those big dildos still pushed up your holes! Position them so that you can sort of straddle them and rock your hips back and forth in a fucking motion.”

I could hear her moving about as she rested the phone on her bed a moment.

“Are you getting it?”


“Good. Now for the final bit: Take your vibrator, and turn it on”, I ordered. 

By this time, she was so primed she was babbling, “Yes, I must obey, I must feel.” 

“Alexis, touch your clit with the vibrator while you fuck back and forth on those two dildoes. Feel the sliding wet fucking as you tease your clit over and over. Watch yourself. Think about cumming.”

She needed trigger words. She would intone things like this and I would repeat them as she worked herself up further and further.

“Cumming…” she breathed. 

I could hear the wetness of those fake cocks as they penetrated her, her ass bouncing.

“Cumming,” I countered.

“Pleasure!” she responded, her voice breaking. 

The squeaking of her bed was clear to me over the phone. She was fucking faster.

“Masturbation” I said, “cock, pussy, clit, nipples, cumming, penetration! You’re such a dirty girl.”

“I’m such a dirty girl! Oh I love being like this!”

“This is why we do this baby, because it feels so fucking great!” I responded.

At last I said the words she was longing for, “Cum for me now Alexis, cum hard! Feel it, just think about your pleasure. Let it happen!”

“Ahhh, MMMMMmmmm! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, mmmm,” she cried out, as I could hear the vibrator noises amid all of that pleasurable moaning and humping. 

I could picture her fucking herself up and down on those dildoes as she struggled to keep the vibrations on her clitoris. 

With a final grunt of lust, she turned off her vibrator.

“OH my, that was fantastic!” she sighed.

My cock was just about ready to burst at this point. 

Her encouragement to me was going to be every bit as intense. 

She knew me, she knew all about my toys, and fetishes, she knew just how to work me up to a peak. Oh yeah, she knew me all right!

She said, sensuously whispering, “Your turn. Lie back, and open your legs so I can see your swollen balls. Take your index finger and lightly caress your cock from your balls up the underside to the head”

My hand flew to my aching prick, finger following her to the letter. I could feel my balls tighten…

“Spread the pre-cum I KNOW is oozing out of you all around the head and concentrate on my voice. Think of my stocking thighs, spread open as I fondle my wet pussy, instructing you. Think of how badly you want to spurt for me. I’m going to count from 20 down to zero.”

The tension in my cock increased. I did not know I could be so hard! As I envisioned her description of herself in all her glory, my cock twitched repeatedly, little dribbles of juice oozing out of my pee slit, and running down my shaft.

She continued, “During that time, I want you to stroke and play the way that feels the best, and think about cumming. Before we start, lube your cock up really well, and take your fleshlight and slide it slowly over your cock so you can feel those soft fleshy lips sliding on it, spreading that lube all over. ” 

“Now, slowly start fucking it as you listen to me,” she instructed.

I poured a generous amount of lubricant over my hard, stiff dick. 

As I stroked it all over my head, shaft and balls, she said, “Ready? Let’s start. Twenty, slide that hot toy up and down your hard dick. Nineteen, think of my naked body spread open for you to play with, all my holes willing to take your stiff cock.”

I slid the lips of my fleshlight over the wet head of my cock; the feeling was incredible, as my cock penetrate my wet toy. Her voice made it so much better!

“Eighteen, fondle your balls as you stroke your cock in and out of the fleshlight for me. Seventeen, go faster, but DON’T CUM!” she said, lustily.

Incredible dirty, lustful visions filled my head as I caressed my ball sack, fucking the toy up and down over my straining cock.

“Sixteen,” she breathed, “think about how good you feel right now, how much you want this, this pleasure! Fifteen, I’m so wet again, I’m fucking myself right along with you…fourteen, slow down a little, really get into the sensation from between your legs, like me, like you, ohh I am so spread wide, the dildo is penetrating me so deep! Thirteen, and STOP!” 

I started moaning in delicious agony.

“I can hear it in you moans that you almost lost it, but I know you love the tease. Wait and let your body feel your arousal!” she breathed. 

“I’m so FUCKING hard!” I moaned. “It feels so fucking good!”

“I know, I know,” she breathed, lustily.

After a long moment, she continued, “Twelve, ok start again, slowly, feel the intensity, and know that I am doing the same with my dildo, my silky stockings look so sexy against my pale white skin, as I rhythmically fuck myself with you.”

She was blowing my mind!

“Eleven, faster now, just stroke a bit faster. Ten, keep thinking about my tits, my pussy, your hard cock, aching to cum. Obey my every word. Nine, oh stroke it!” 

My moans increased as I got more and more turned on. 

I cried, “I want to cum, Alexis!”

Immediately she commanded, “Stop again! Stop completely.” 

I did as she said, but my cock was so ready. I could feel my balls tighten and the urge to spurt was intense. However, after a few moments I could feel the urgency abate a bit.

She went on, “Concentrate on the aching in your balls. Your stiff cock feels huge, doesn’t it? My pussy is soaking and my clit is throbbing too!”

The excitement I was feeling, heart pumping and exquisite pleasure in my cock and balls was fantastic! Her voice, her words, her sheer wantonness, and openness to my pleasure and hers were incredible.

After a delicious, agonizingly endless moment, she said, “Seven, now I want you to start fucking your toy again, hard, in and out like me! I love knowing you are getting off to me! What do you want? Do you want to cum for me? Is your dick close to spurting? Oh I know it is”!

“Oh yes Alexis! Oh, man my cock feels so fucking good! My balls are so sensitive and pulled up tight and ready to pump out my load,” I answered, voice shaking.

I lustily resumed my stroking, the white-hot sensation in my cock intensifying even more. “Six! Think about it! Watch your hand moving that fleshlight up and down your wet cock. I’m fucking myself as well and it feels so good!” she exclaimed.

I could not have stopped if a freight train came through the wall!

“Five! Just a little more, milk that pleasure from your body, Four! Oh, God I want to cum so bad! Three! I’m feeling it, are you ready? Two! Oh, God cum with me, please cummmmmmmm! ONE! Spurt it on me!”

By now I was so primed my aching cock shot out a load like no other. Wave upon wave of lustful pleasure, spurts ejaculated out of my throbbing stiff erection! I was truly in a state of bliss as I arched my back and rocked my hips in a fucking motion. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out of my stiff penis, into my fleshlight, making me feel intense orgasmic delight, and spots before my eyes. I was totally consumed by my throbbing, spurting prick, and her vocal encouragement, feeling intense contractions as spasms of lust wracked my body! Outrageous waves of pleasure coursed through me over and over.

This was mind-blowing intensity was achieved by our shared enthusiasm for this type of phone sex! I felt such a sense of amazement and lust. 

Feeling the last drops of sperm oozing from my now-softening, spent cock, I gently squeezed it and caressed it. As I listened to her breathing slow down, we both came back to earth.

“Thank you! That was incredible!” I finally managed to say. 

“It was my pleasure,” she answered, half laughing, “or more accurately ‘our’ pleasure!”

“Indeed,” I laughed, suddenly feeling giddy.

We said our good-byes, and promised to seek each other out as soon as possible. 

I have had orgasms with others in person of course, but this type of interaction is unique, and the unbridled sexuality of our mutual masturbation was intensified by the fact that we are of one mind when it comes to this.

Therefore, as you can see, we got off on the idea of our complete submission to our mutual need for pleasure, lust, our fetishes, our toys, our shared excitement, just knowing that the other person was just as into it, and having the freedom of being able to talk about virtually anything and explore fantasies, share experiences, etc. was insane! When we would finally cum together, the mind fuck was out of this world. The pure sexuality of it was so hot. We play together every chance we get. It always is a guaranteed turn-on!


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