Male Masturbation Techniques

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Masturbation is considered by many to be the cornerstone of sexual health. Most men believe that they already know everything about their own genitals and sexual response. It’s all out there, boys will be boys, etc. But just because you know how your tools work, doesn’t mean you can build the Eiffel Tower. In fact most men experience a fraction of their full erotic and orgasmic potential. Read on for simple and fun tips on how to masturbate for men. … more

2 thoughts on “Male Masturbation Techniques

  1. Hello Richard. Hope you well and we know each other through earlier common interests..Your yahoo sites and my old Multiply sites for huge tits and areola interests..
    I have a need to reveal to all interested my masturbation and fetish interest and would like to have my techniques posted here. I still masturbate daily and use this method about once a week.

    I consider I have the ultimate masturbation technique using a DIY hands free vibration machine. It produces nothing short of ecstatic sensations all over my penis. Being an engineer I made this amazing machine up from an industrial bowl feeder and a specially made arm fitted with a cylindrial tube lined with soft rubber and silicone. I have a huge fetish for ladies with huge tits with huge dark areolas, lactation etc and there is nothing better to me than my collection of movies and my machine and several uninterrupted hours. I love to prepare in advance and the best time is late morning when feeling on top. I set out my huge tit DVD and video clips and position my machine in front of my PC. I may have some breakfast and think about the experience to come. I then strip off making sure the doors are locked and walk around naked with a feature dvd playing and get myself horny and worked up. I then switch on the vibrator and feel with my fingers the powerful vibrations and think oh my god.. that’s for my cock ! I then test out with an erect cock with my foreskin pulled right back and insert the tip and rim into the rubber lined tube and boy does it feel good. I know if I pushed it right in and vibrated the whole of my cock I would cum within minutes. But I like to take hours over it all. So I tie my cock up with a length of joined up very wide rubber bands with my foreskin pulled right back. And like to pull my cock as far under my legs as possible and tie the length of band around my waist. At that point I feel so turned on and get some highly stimulating huge tited areola scenes and drool and then lower myself inserting my huge bulbous cock as far as it will go passing right through the tube and onto a further vibrating finger which adds that little extra ecstacy to the cock tip and rim.

    Sometimes I get quite carried away and although Im not TV I dress up in stockings and garter (suspender) belt and short skirt which somehow makes the whole experience so kinky and private. I have even filmed myself although have destroyed the last lot for obvious reasons. I did put a few on the web and was watched by 1000’s and got some interesting comments…some fascinated and wanting to know how they can do it and others a little insulting. I didn’t care as I was the one getting the thrills. But every now and again wish I had them to watch simultaneously with huge tit films. But I am thinking making some more.

    The sensations are unbelievable and try to hold out for as long as possible.. but once cumming starts the ejaculation can last upto 30 secs in great squirting pulses. But it so sensitive its not easy to leave in to the end.

    Just writing this gets me going and thinking about doing it shortly. I have been doing this for nearly 20 yrs now and has made my cock bigger, certainly in girth with all the binding up I do to it. Now we have HI DEF video downloads makes it all the more compulsive and never want to stop….

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