Early memories of masturbation

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Early memories of masturbation

alt.sex.masturbation, 1999

My earliest memory of self stimulation happened when I was around 7. I
had begun to notice my penis more, probably due to
it’s newfound tendency to announce itself by getting stiff, like it was
trying to poke itself out of my shorts, or, in cases when
I was showering, say, “Hey, look at me. Touch me. Don’t I look like
fun?” I suppose it happened more often in the shower
with the blast of the shower jet stimulating it. I don’t remember any
sexual kind of feelings from the streaming water, but it
seemed to have some effect on my penis. One day after showering, I was
toweling off. My cock was still stiff from the shower,
and brushing the soft, but coarse fabric of the towel over it made me
shiver. Not the usual kind of shiver, like, it’s cold, or
something gave me the willies. This one started like a bolt of
electricity at the tip of my dick, shot right through it, and sent
tingles all through my body.

After a moment to recover, my curiosity
was definitely aroused. I deliberately brushed the towel
across the very tip of my penis, and, though the initial shock I had
felt wasn’t duplicated, I definitely felt something strange.
Strange, but wonderful. A few more rubs with the towel, and the
sensation became somewhat stronger, but still felt good in a
weird way I couldn’t put into context. It wasn’t comparable to anything
I’d felt before. I had no word to describe it. A few
more strokes of the towel, and it felt just too sensitive. The feeling
was almost unbearable. I dressed, and went about my day
as normal, without another thought about it. That night in bed, I found
my little friend was trying to get my attention again. I
pulled my underwear down enough to let it out, and felt the texture of
my sheet brush the tip of it. Ahh. That reminded me.
Holding my dick at the base, I made circular motions with it, brushing
the tip against my sheet. It was feeling really good for a
while, but soon became overpowering. Still at a loss for words, I just
went (mentally) with the phrase “tickling my penis” or
something like that. I pulled my underwear back up, and tried to go to
sleep, but couldn’t. I never had any trouble falling asleep
before. I was feeling frustrated and bored. I think there was something
I was looking forward to the next day, and wanted to
get to sleep so I could wake up on the day of the event (whatever it was
– I can’t remember). So, laying bored in my bed for
around an hour, unable to sleep, I pulled it out again. It was something
to do. Something to distract me from my dilemma.
Wrapping one fist around it, leaving just the very tip exposed, I put
the palm of my hand over it, and rubbed in a circular
motion, rather like I had done with the towel, but holding my dick
steady. There came that nice warm tingly feeling again. Again,
after a short while, the sensation became irritating, and I stopped.
This went on for a number of days until I was at a friend’s
house one day. We, and a few of the other neighborhood boys would
sometimes go into a closet, or other secretive place, and
show each other our privates. I remember his sister had spied on us
doing this once, and wanted to participate. We refused.
We had no interest in seeing her take her pants down. After all, there
was nothing there! (if only I’d know then what I do
now!) She was obviously jealous at missing out, and told her parents to
get back at us. Of course, we denied any such thing,
and whether they believed us, or her, they didn’t seem concerned. Once
we were rid of his pesky little sister (girls – YUCK), I
told my friend I’d discovered something new. “You know how you can’t
tickle yourself?” I began. He agreed that it just didn’t
work with a nod and a shrug. “I found out a way to tickle yourself –
sort of.”
“Oh yeah?
“Yeah. You can tickle your penis.”
Without hesitation, he unzipped his fly, and pulled out his soft little
dick. He tried tickling it (like one would tickle an arm-pit).
He didn’t seem impressed. He didn’t laugh.
“Not like that,” I exclaimed, “you gotta do it like this.” I then
proceeded to produce my own private part, and with a bit of
encouraging, got it erect. I then demonstrated the circular motion I had
discovered. He tried it for about a second, and jerked
his pelvis back from his hands, like he’d been shocked.
“That doesn’t tickle, that hurts!” he looked at me accusingly.
“No. I’m not fooling you. It feels really funny. Try it again.” I went
back to stimulating the tip of mine with the palm of my hand.
He tried again, and this time, seemed not to mind the sensation. We both
found we couldn’t do it for long before the good
feeling started to turn “bad,” and put our dicks back in our pants, and
found something else to do.
Some time later, I was spending the night at my cousin’s house, and also
demonstrated my discovery to him. After some initial
experimenting with my method, while I rubbed my own, he suggested we try
it on each other. Still calling it “tickling,” I was
equating it with that, and it seemed reasonable that someone else’s
tickles would have more, or different effect. He took my
little hard-on in his hand, forming a fist around it, and started
rubbing his other hand on the tip. It definitely was different. The
awkward position we were in, combined with the rather higher speed he
rubbed with caused his fisted hand to tug on my dick
here and there. It felt really good, but soon got to be too much. I did
the same to him after asking him to stop. He also seemed
to enjoy it, but asked me to stop after a minute or so. It got to be too
much. After I let go of his dick, though, he started
playing with it with one hand wrapped around it, stroking the length of
it. I followed suit, and soon had a really fantastic feeling
building up in my little stiffy. He stroked faster. I stroked faster,
until he suddenly tensed up, threw his head back, thrust his
pelvis forward. That startled me a bit, but not enough to stop. It was
feeling so good! Then, I experienced what he must have
just gone through. it was like an explosion of energy that jolted
through my body. My legs almost gave out under me as I had
my first orgasm standing in my cousin’s room. My dick was throbbing, and
I had to let go of it immediately. The sensation was
to great to bear. I don’t know if my cousin knew about masturbation
already, but in retrospect, I suppose he probably did, and
he taught me a valuable lesson. The next day, when I got back home, I
was eager to show my friend this new kind of “tickling”
I’d discovered. Up in his bedroom, which he shared with his sister (and
this time we were unsuccessful in shoeing her off), I
told him I found a new better way to “tickle your penis.” His sister was
immediately interested in this conversation, and
dropped whatever it was she was doing on her bed (paper dolls, or
coloring, or something likes that), and joined us on the
floor. I explained the process to my friend. “I wanna try,” said his
“You can’t,” I said, “You don’t have one.”
“I do too. I’m gonna try it too. You can’t stop me.”
“Go ahead and try,” I replied, amused at her ignorance (boy was I
The three of us pulled our pants down. I showed my friend how to do it.
His sister watched, then put her hand down to that
little pudgy crack that little girls have where a penis should be. I
ignored her, being completely uninterested in her futile attempt.
Me and my friend were both pulling on our little boners. It wasn’t long
before I had my climax. I was pumping like a madman,
impatient to get that good feeling. I can’t remember if my friend had an
orgasm or not, but I still remember what his sister said,
“Hey, that does tickle!” –

4 thoughts on “Early memories of masturbation

  1. Hi all. I’m a happily married male, 39, and I’ve been masturbating almost daily since first grade. Of course I didn’t know what it was, just that it felt soooooo nice. I had been sent to bed early and couldn’t sleep, so I took my underpants off and just started rubbing my soft little peepee against the sheet. I did it until I got tired and went to sleep, but from then on I couldn’t wait for bedtime. To this day I still cannot cum by jerking, so I continue to hump the bed (or the couch, or the floor) and I try to do it a few times a week.

  2. A lot of my fantasies involve a boy being trained to be a chronic masturbator by his mother or aunt, to control and channel his normal male impulses.

  3. As A boy

    I was encouraged to masturbate by my mum .
    She taught me it was good for my health .and would ask me at the breakfast table , in front of my sister and dad , if I had masturbated this week ,
    I would reply yes , several times . To which she would say Good boy ,

    When I was older , mum still asked me if I had masturbated looking at the magazines she had found under my bed . And suggested I borrow some of the magazines he ( dad was at the table ) masturbates over . And told him to go and get them , which he did.

    I thanked him for the magazines , and mum said you will know the ones he likes they are the ones he has cum all over , aren’t they , to which he replied yes .

    That night I stripped off in my room and looked at the magazines , wow , they were so horny , with pictures of big cock and actual fucking .

    There was a letters section too , the pages that were stuck together were about a man whose wife fucked men with big cocks in front of her husband while he was reduced to masturbation . Then licked his wife’s cunt and her lovers cock afterwards .

    There was also stories of gay sex , with well thumbed pages where you could tell he had read while masturbating . and stories of male masturbation cuckold men and men sucking other mens cocks in front of there wifes etc.

    Dad had lots of these mags called Forum, he lent me them when he was finishes , and would say things like , youll love the story about the guy with the big cock etc, or of bi sex 3 somes , he would tell me his favourite . And I knew he had masturbated over it .And so would I .

    I would masturbate naked in my room reading the stories and letters , It was so horny knowing my dad had masturbated reading the same stories too ,

    That’s how I discovered my dad was an addicted masturbator too


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