A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses

A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses


I always alter or change the names of the people in my stories.

The first thing you should know is I’m here totally naked, lovingly masturbating my penis to a beautiful Asian MILF friend of mine.  It’s a beautiful session I’m enjoying while my wife is out of the house

My favorite masturbation muses are women I know. Most of them are actually good friends of either my wife or myself, or both of us. I enjoy their smiles, their sexy asses, their legs and feet, and just generally the fantasies that swirl around them in my mind.

Chin-Zen is one of those muses. She’s an American, but her parents were both born in China. About 5’3″ and 115-pounds. Black hair to her collar, and nice ass and cute legs and feet. Her smile is so sweet, with hardly a hint of her 47-years showing up in faint lines on her face. She’s a MILF with two elementary school age children.

I had met her husband, Jack, a year or so before I ever met Chin-Zen. I finally met her one night when my wife Cheryl and I were at some cocktail party and Jack and Chin-Zen were there. She had on this cute, very short cocktail dress and high-heel sandals. The first thing I thought of when I saw her? I’ve got to masturbate to her!” 

When we got home that night, I wanted to masturbate and think nothing of Chin-Zen while I masturbated. Cheryl wanted to fuck so I reluctantly agreed, but it was more like masturbating in her vagina because all I was thinking about was Chin-Zen. I had to bite my tongue to keep from call out her name.

Cheryl knows how much of a masturbator I am, but I better get her name right during sex!

That was about 10 or 11 years ago. Since then, we two couples have been very good friends. We live about an hour apart, so don’t see each other more than a few times per year, but we always have an enjoyable time with Jack and ChinZen. Cheryl or I always manage to take some pictures, and I often use those in my masturbation sessions. Chin-Zen in shorts, Chin-Zen in a swimsuit, Chin-Zen in a sexy dress, Chin-Zen just smiling at the camera; all give me so much pleasure during masturbation.

To be honest, I haven’t masturbated to Chin-Zen much in the past couple of years. Why? Well, we just haven’t seen her and her husband that often. Out of site, out of mind.

So why am I sitting here now, naked, with my cock in my hand and moaning Chin-Zen’s name while I gaze at her pics?

Chin-Zen appeared twice in dreams I had last night. In the first, we met her and Jack somewhere, and Chin-Zen and I were fiddling with our cameras. I kept thinking, “Mmmm..I’m going to get some more pictures of her.” I woke up before that dream went any further.

After I fell back to sleep, I dreamt that I was visiting Jack in a condo or apartment they were renting. Cheryl showed up a little later, and we all started talking about what we would do when Chin-Zen arrived. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but there was an air of sexual expectation.

The three of us had changed into night-clothes. For me, this was underwear and a white terry-cloth robe. Jack and Cheryl had something similar. We lounged around waiting for Chin-Zen. Sheryl and I cuddled on a chair, my cock stiffening at the thought of my Chinese-American friend’s arrival.

Soon, we decided we would lay on the bed to wait. The three of us were kind of draped over each other. I kept thinking about what would happen when Chin-Zen arrived. We would all probably get naked. She would see the hard cock that I pump while thinking about her. I might get to masturbate in front of her and the group. Perhaps we would do a foursome. Or a threesome in various configurations, with one of us masturbating while watching  the other three groping, sucking, and fucking.

For some reason, I got up and checked through the window for Chin-Zen.  When I went back to the bed, Jack and Cheryl were up but getting more comfortable.  They stripped off their robes and laid back down in their underwear.

My cock was raging-hard at this time, and I took a chance.  Off came the robe and my underwear!  My heart beat as I was naked before them, my masturbator’s penis pointing skyward.  As I climbed on the bed, Jack and Cheryl followed my cue.  Off came the undies, and the three of us lay there naked.  I rubbed my cock against Cheryl, while Jack lay next to us awaiting his wife.  I didn’t want him to feel left out, and I thought about reaching over to fondle his cock.  (A true masturbator always is willing to help another masturbator, regardless of their sex.)  I wasn’t sure how well this would be received, so I just placed a hand on Jack’s thigh.  He didn’t seem to mind.

Alas, we were waiting for Godot.  Chin-Zen never arrived, and I woke up very horny. Cheryl was still sleeping beside me, and I gently pumped my cock as not to wake her. She finally got up, dressed and went out to meet a girlfriend.  I raced to the computer, pulled up pictures of a smiling, scantily clad Chin-Zen and have been here in blissful masturbation ever since.

I’m about to cum now.  This feels so good I could do it all day, but I’m trying to be a responsible masturbator and not give into my addiction.   I waste enough time overdoing my wanking.  I’m going to enjoy my muse a few more minutes, have a nice, long orgasm over Chin-Zen then get on with my day.

However, you can bet that the sexy Asian MILF Chin-Zen will be back in my masturbation muse rotation for quite a while!

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