Sometimes I amaze myself

from _masturbation_: Sometimes I amaze myself 

Sometimes I amaze myself
This morning I was at the end of the lifecycle of a cialis pill, but my gf and I managed to have a nice little fuck, but we didn’t cum and weren’t ready to quit. After I starting losing my erection I let my semi-soft cock dangle against her crack. It was still slippery from the lube and her juicy pussy. I rocked against her for a time, and played with her nipples. It felt pretty good and I was getting excited again, although not very hard. I rolled off to take a break and she started stroking my cock. This started feeling really good and I soon took over myself.
I was stroking away, kneeling between her legs and staring at her pussy as I stroked. She was mostly just lying there listening to me moan. The moans must have started getting to her, as she started rubbing her clit. This always gets me going, especially when she jammed a couple of fingers inside her cunt. I then started to get hard and the feeling was great. I finally felt an orgasm starting and I blew my load all over her pussy.
Then we went out to eat and run some errands. I went home later and was messing about the house. I started feeling some twinges “down there.” I wasn’t doing anything important, and I figured, what the hell. I went into bedroom and took my clothes off. I lay on the bed and started playing with my cock. It didn’t take long at all to get really hard. It felt pretty good and I thought it would feel even better with some lube, so I put some on. Now I was going pretty good, but I couldn’t quite cum. This went on for a while, almost cumming a few times, but ending up having to back off and rest.
Finally I thought “I need some porn.” I went to the computer and fired it up. I watched a couple of blowjob videos, including one with Heather Brooks, who has amazing deep-throat talents. Again, it was feeling great, but I needed more inspiration. I played one of my old favorites, “Couple I Feel Myself.” It’s got a very attractive couple (damn cute blond), amatuers, I believe. It starts very slowly, and it takes a while for them to even get undressed. They start playing with each other. She sucks his cock some, then he starts eating her pussy. By this time I was getting really hot and finally blew my load well before the guy in the video. And it (mine) was a pretty good load, considering it was my second of the day.
I know that’s not a record or anything, even for my age, but I was just happy to get off again, because I have such a hard time usually. Hell, I’m happy when I get a hard-on, but that’s nearly every day, so I’m pretty much a happy guy. And it’s a real bonus if I cum – especially twice!
Oh, did I mention I’m 69?

_masturbation_: Sometimes I amaze myself

All types of sexual activity carry some STD risk

from All types of sexual activity carry some STD risk | Health | Reuters

Sexual activity other than intercourse carries some risk of sexually transmitted disease, and doctors should make sure their patients understand that, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Many people may engage in “noncoital” sexual activities such as oral sex, mutual masturbation and anal sex to prevent pregnancy and cut the risk of STDs. However, all of these sex acts come with some degree of STD risk, and it’s still important for people to protect themselves, according to an ACOG expert committee. … more All types of sexual activity carry some STD risk | Health | Reuters

Onania Masturbator Forum: Batchelor Party

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Knowing another dude was cumming I pushed back my covers and reached for my shower towel on the floor by my bed – I groaned slowly edged myself to a frenzy let out a long sigh and erupted into my towel.


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Podcasturbation #08-0629: Ruined Orgasm

Podcasturbation #08-0629: Ruined Orgasm

We explore (and experience) the exquisite agony of the ruined orgasm.

(There are some silence gaps on this recording)

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A Catch-22 situation

Worry about masturbation shrinking the penis from A Catch-22 situation « Happybutworried’s Weblog 

I’ve said on here several times that my shrinkage seems to be related to masturbation in some way.  That is, despite all accepted medical wisdom, I can’t shake the notion that there is some correlation between what I’m experiencing and the amount of times i’ve had one off the wrist.

Over the years I suppose I’ve been afairly heavy masturbator but I suppose most guys in their teens and twenties are.  I’ve asked numerous doctors if I could have damaged my penis in some way but all say no.  That makes it hard to stop.  In particular, I think I may have damaged my penile tissue by trying to masturbate too early. … A Catch-22 situation « Happybutworried’s Weblog

Always a masturbator

a masturbator said:

I have just finished reading most all the msgs that have been posted. I was totally aroused by sum of the posts and sum stirred memories of my own. I started on the road to mastubation at the age of 7…discovered my lil dick while sittin on the john…started rubbing it for sum reason and had one of those lil dry orgasms. It scared me of course but before the day was over I had done it six or seven times. I knew I had found something good. As I got a lil older I was showing other boys and girls how I masturbated and even got them to do it for me..yea, I played with them too when they’d let me. At 12 we started having sleep overs. I would instigate masturbation with the boys and we would jack each other and rub our dicks together…sometimes even, I would make them be real quite and we would listen to my mom and dad have intercourse. This gave us even better orgasms.. I think I was becoming addicted to masturbation as well as other dicks also. I fucked around with girls some in highschool but it was never satisfying. I would usually jackoff later. Before I forget it I may as well tell you also that I would get my dad’s shorts out of the laundry sumtimes and jackoff with and in them..even did it with my mom’s panties also. As I got older I was having sex more with men and regardless of what we did , masturbation was always part of it…sex wasn’t sex without sum dick stroking. I’m 47 now and totally addicted to masturbation. I haven’t had sex with anyone else in about five years and this is the way I want it to be from now on. Masturbation totally fulfills my needs. Of coure, my memories of what I have done adds to my pleasure also. Over the years I have developed several fantasies and fetishes, sum of which are very perverted and makes me blush when I think and talk of them but it also makes my penis very hard and the orgasms very good. I have also become addcited to porn and I guess it goes hand in hand. Something else I engage in frequently is PhoneSex…it’s amazing how many men I run into who utilizes Masturbation is their primary only or at least primary, form of sex. Masturbation pretty much takes precedence over my other activities. I have written myself into a major hardon and, as usual, my penis calls.


Podcasturbation ##08-0617: Fundamentals of Edging for Newly Chronic Masturbators

Podcasturbation ##08-0617: Fundamentals of Edging for Newly Chronic Masturbators

I recently read a sad fact in a masturbation survey: only 9% of straight male masturbators go for more than 20 minutes before ejaculating. Any seriously chronic masturbator feels pity for males unaware of the basic technique of edging and life’s greatest pleasure: extended near-orgasmic bliss. In fact, I might argue that the practice of edging is what separates the true chronic masturbator from a merely recreational masturbator. This got me to thinking that we need a Public Service Announcement for newly-chronic masturbators to introduce them to the art of edging. This podasturbation is intended to fill that need.

(There are some silence gaps in this recording.)

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Early memories of masturbation

Guided Masturbation Stories

Early memories of masturbation, 1999

My earliest memory of self stimulation happened when I was around 7. I
had begun to notice my penis more, probably due to
it’s newfound tendency to announce itself by getting stiff, like it was
trying to poke itself out of my shorts, or, in cases when
I was showering, say, “Hey, look at me. Touch me. Don’t I look like
fun?” I suppose it happened more often in the shower
with the blast of the shower jet stimulating it. I don’t remember any
sexual kind of feelings from the streaming water, but it
seemed to have some effect on my penis. One day after showering, I was
toweling off. My cock was still stiff from the shower,
and brushing the soft, but coarse fabric of the towel over it made me
shiver. Not the usual kind of shiver, like, it’s cold, or
something gave me the willies. This one started like a bolt of
electricity at the tip of my dick, shot right through it, and sent
tingles all through my body.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Outdoor masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Of course, exhibitionists tend to feel the urge to press their luck–or at least I did. At some point I dared myself to take little nude walks through the woods, sometimes along the footpaths to increase the chances of discovery. It gave me an added thrill to leave my clothes behind and walk bareass through those woods. Inevitably, there were a few close calls in which a walker along the path nearly encountered my naked form, and in one instance I was unable to get clear in time…


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