In Love with Kate Moss: I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

by In Love with Kate Moss

This masturbation fantasy is based on people I know.  I’ve changed names.

Donna is one of my best friends. Early 50’s, about 5’3″, Graying hair to her shoulders and brown eyes (she was a brunette until a couple years ago). I love to masturbate to her and have done so for more than 21 years, ever since I’ve known her.

I’ve always had MFM fantasies. About 14 years ago she had this boyfriend, Harrison, early 30’s, about 5’9″, good looking guy. She would always tell me and my wife Cheryl what a big cock he had. They made such a beautiful couple.  Donna had nice, firm breasts, a very sexy ass, cute smile and sexy hips, and I would fantasize about watching them make love.

I was always hoping to do a threesome with them. My fantasy always involved us starting in hetero fashion, me fucking her from behind while she sucks Harrison’s cock, then reverse. Then she sits on his cock reverse cowgirl and begin to fuck.  

At that point, I crawl on my belly up to them and begin licking Donna’s clit as she slides up and down on his cock. She moans as she feels my wet tongue. With all the bouncing going on, my tongue can’t help but touch Harrison’s cock. I taste Donna’s juices as my tongue slides up and down his hard dick. I hear him moan, and realize I’m paying more attention to his big, beautiful, engorged manhood than I am to Donna’s clit. I use a wet finger to massage her clit while my tongue runs up and down Harrison’s shaft. I hear her moan more as he thrusts harder and deeper into her. I love licking the hard cock that my dear friend loves to fuck so much, that gives her so much pleasure.

I take his balls into my mouth and gently suck. I hear him moan more as he thrusts deeper into Donna’s vagina. I continue to finger her clit, and sense they are both about to cum. I have my left arm around Donna’s waist, and my right hand now cups Harrison’s balls. My tongue slides across both her clit and his shaft. She begins to moan, then screams, “I’m cumming!”

I center my tongue as best I can as they fuck. She shudders, gasping in orgasm. She drops back on Harrison’s chest as I tongue her more and he thrusts. “Oh, oh, oh!” She shudders again, then giggles and pushes a hand against my head. “Oh, Tim, no more, oh…” and giggles again.

Harrison is still gently thrusting her, and I realize he hasn’t cum. I gently tighten my grip on his balls with my right hand, and begin working more with my mouth on his shaft and balls. He moans and thrusts up and down, and I can tell that Donna is enjoying the extra thrusting. Her sweet juices are running down Harrison’s cock, and I am greedily licking them up. He thrusts harder and moans more.

Suddenly, Donna slides back a little too far and Harrison’s penis pops out of her vagina, basically slapping me in the forehead! I hear a moan and a squeal from Donna. I quickly run my tongue to the tip, and put the beautiful head of this gorgeous member in my mouth. I’m thinking, “This beautiful cock-head was just so deep inside my lovely best friend, and was bringing her so much pleasure. It’s so big, it was probably pushing against the very deepest insides of her love canal. And now, it’s in my mouth!”

The precum is sweet, especially when mixed with Donna’s love juices. I taste some of Harrison’s semen leaking out. I circle the tip of his penis with my tongue and he wiggles and moans.

When I look up at Donna, she is staring down and her mouth is wide open in amazement. But a smile is coming to her lips, and her hand creeps lower to her crotch. I lower my mouth over the cock, taking it in fully. My tongue is working, and Harrison begins to pump up and down, fucking my mouth. I realize I’m deep-throating him.

Suddenly he begins to buck and moan loudly. His cock begins to shudder, and I feel him begin to spurt. It nearly chokes me, but tastes sweet, especially when mixed with Donna’s juices. I swallow his sperm down as fast as I can. He shoots it so hard into the back of my throat. Harrison screams in pleasure. I savor the taste, and love knowing I have brought Donna’s lover to orgasm.

Soon, the motion of his hips slows. A satisfied moan comes from his lips. His cock is still hard, and my mouth still glides gently up and down it, ever so often sucking hard the remaining drops of his cum from the head. I look up at Donna. She still has a look of shock, but with a wry smile and I notice her fingers working around her clit area.

Another minute goes by, and I’m licking and cleaning Harrison’s genitals, still caressing his balls as I do. He begins to soften and I raise my head. Donna grabs me behind the neck and pulls me up to her. Still sitting on Harrison’s chest, she kisses me and licks the semen that is dripping down my chin. Kissing me hard she guides my body up to hers, leans back on Harrison and slides my very hard erection into her wet vagina. “I love you Tim, you’re my best friend,” she whispers in my ear.

“I love you, too,” I say, as Harrison reaches around with both hands, and helps guide my ass as I fuck his woman.

I think of this often when I masturbate. They both moved on and ended up married to other people.  Donna is still one of my best friends and I masturbate to her a lot.   I know she is a very sexual person, and I wonder if she would get naked with me; as naked as I am now as I masturbate and write this.  I want Donna to join me and masturbate with me while we both fantasize over each other and over Harrison’s cock!

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