John jacks

Hi, my name is John!

I am 44, and have been a chronic, compulsive masturbator as far back as my memories go. I can remember being 7 years old and putting a hook lock on my bedroom door (I told my mom it was to keep my little sister out) and would spend hours every day stroking my cock even at that age. At age 14 I got hooked on porn (I had an 18 year old friend with an extensive collection I saw just about daily). My addiction has grown every year until where I am at now; it is all that matters in my life, and I love being this way. I have not had sex with my wife in 6 years, as I can only get it up for my hand now. I masturbate throughout the day, including driving and when at work, and when time permits, sometimes for 5 or 6 hours straight without cumming (I love to edge). There are times I jack so much my cock can no longer get hard, but I stroke it limp then. Usually I’m up on Friday and Sat. nights masturbating until the sun comes up.

Masturbating is more important to me than my family or friends. I constantly strive to take my addiction to deeper levels. Porn is like oxygen to me – I can’t live without it. I am in a constant state of lust filled arousal though – even when I am not looking at porn. I love to help others explore and embrace their addiction as well. I love to receive emails and chat in Yahoo messenger with others who share my passion for masturbating, especially those who embrace their addiction and desire to strengthen it. Really enjoy chatting with other married guys, but anyone please feel free to contact me. I’m also hoping that someday I can find someone local to meet in person with.

Well, I guess thats enough for an introduction. I will share more later. I am rock hard right now from reading the posts. Just the word masturbation arouses me!


9 thoughts on “John jacks

  1. Would love to group masturbate for hours with you guys staring at your cocks worshipping penis

  2. Woooww..this is such a Nice intro…i felt ascif i was reading myself…same here…my ex admitted afterwards that my addiction to masturbation and porn online played an important part in our divorce…my current girlfriend is also starting toget mad at meregarding my masturbation and my addiction to porn and chatroom fetish online…but i just cant help it

  3. Beautiful report! As a married masturbation addict I can identify. I hope John is still going strong.

  4. love to hear from brotherbators!!!
    i am sooo locked into humiliating exposed dirty masturbating…toilet bowl/water, plunger, cummies!

  5. thx 4 ur honesty abour our common addiction. i don’t know what it is about masturbation that is so addictive. but i only relate to ur words of being so compulsively drawn to it. what makes masturbation so much more intense than any other form of sex?? who cares. it’s so so incredibly wonderful that only a few of us are able to enter into the world of masturbation addiction. it’s a great lifestyle and i wouldn’t change it for anything. it feels so incredibley wonderful. only a few of us get it. i fuckin luv it more than life it’s self. masturbation is all that matters

  6. Really liked reading your post. I am 57 and I am also a chronic, compulsive masturbator. I love it more than anything. My cock is 6″ long and 6 1/2″ inches around, cut, big head, big balls, brown bush. I am a masculine, white male, 175 pounds, brown hair/short flattop, S&P beard, 16 Tattoos on my arms/all black/old style, hairy, ex-Navy. I have been masturbating for the last two days non stop, I can’t get enough masturbation for my fat cock.

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