Cum in the Sand

Aren’t you going to masturbate?” she snickered, teasing me for being paralyzed since I just stood on the sand in front of her and stared at her naked pussy. The open side of her bikini lay across her thigh as if someone had torn the bottom of it off her cunt. I couldn’t get over how sexy it was to have seen the way she’d snapped it open to expose herself. I realized right then it wasn’t the first time she’d done this to some pathetic guy.



By Earl Flen 

by HandPussy1, August 2017 

Her bikini bottom was different. Instead of being one where she just pulled it down to step out of it or tug it off, hers had a snap on each side of the thin straps that ran over her hips to the back panel barely covering her ass. I’ve never seen one like it before. She reached over with her right hand and popped open one snap, then pulled the small front panel away from her crotch. I gazed intently between her thighs. She had a small well-groomed “landing strip” of her ginger pubic hair that had been hidden by the bikini. Beneath the patch of fur, her pouting labia were soft looking, almost porn-goddess perfect. Pink-white with a hint of purple flesh along the tight slit that ran between them.

“Aren’t you going to masturbate?” she snickered, teasing me for being paralyzed since I just stood on the sand in front of her and stared at her naked pussy. The open side of her bikini lay across her thigh as if someone had torn the bottom of it off her cunt. I couldn’t get over how sexy it was to have seen the way she’d snapped it open to expose herself. I realized right then it wasn’t the first time she’d done this to some pathetic guy.

“Well?” she said, a little impatiently.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, my kneecaps about a handwidth from her outstretched feet. She drew back her knees then, widening the distance from me, and spread her legs wider, opening herself up to my stare.

I tugged my trunks down rapidly, causing my erection to flip up fast from under the waistband. She grinned into my eyes as my stiff penis flew up and then stuck out in front of me. “Not bad” she giggled. I curled my fingers around my hard-on and started stroking it.

Let’s back up just a little bit. Trina was our receptionist at our business. My wife and I had a rule to not involve our employees in anything personal, most definitely avoiding any sexual situations with them. This was easy for me since I have aged into a full time 99% solosex masturbator. I could think of Trina when I was at home, imagining her smallish boobs being naked, and guessing what her pussy would look like while I beat off to the idea of her. My wife was still willing to fuck others, and had even admitted that she had thoughts of undressing Trina in the supply room during work and maybe tribbing with her or engaging in a little afternoon cunnilingus. It usually made me jerk myself harder to imagine our tall, lean, light red-haired receptionist naked and mashing her pussy against my petite wife’s well used cunt, or maybe Wifey burying her face between Trina’s white thighs and slurping her vagina noisily on the carpeted floor between the shelves of office supplies and cleaning stuff. Trina had a fancy set of tattoos across her shoulders that I could imagine being fully exposed if we got her out of her usual top. We might also find out what was the full message of the tattoo that ran from below her belly button and disappeared into the front of her jeans. All we ever saw was a cryptic “Hea …” in blue ink.

But, as I said so far both of us had stuck to our rule of no personal stuff with employees. That is until this long weekend. Wifey had been excited about going out to our cabin on the Oregon beach and joining the crowds to watch the once in a lifetime total eclipse. She had told everyone in the shop about our plans, causing Trina to invite herself and her husband along to share the experience. Talk about sharing the experience! Wifey and I slept in the little loft in the tiny cabin, and made up the fold-out couch in the living room for the two of them. For two nights now we had listened to Kirk bang the shit out of our receptionist almost non-stop. The first night Wifey and I just laid there and endured the sounds coming up from the dark living room below us. It was funny, but sort of uncomfortable. Naturally, I beat off to the fucking sounds with Wifey lying next to me and shaking her head at my lack of willpower. She handed me a Kleenex from her side of the bed right before I came, however.

The second night however, thinking ahead, my wife left a small night light on near the bathroom. She could lean over the edge of the bed and look down off the loft and watch them get it on in the semi darkness. I told her I’d climb over next to her if there was anything really to see. Sadly they were both covered by the bedspread, but it was sexy enough that Wifey pulled me over next to her as we lay across the bed looking down. She slid her hand under me and grabbed my penis, inviting me to fuck into her hand as we lay there on our stomachs. I returned the favor when she moved her legs apart so that I could get my hand down between her thighs from behind and gently finger-fuck her old pussy as we watched Kirk and Trina writhe beneath the bedspread below. After I came in her hand I rolled back to my side of the bed and went to sleep.

Wifey, however, continued to monitor the situation below us in the small living room area and was rewarded by seeing a naked Kirk walk slowly to the bathroom to pee. In the morning she told me that his half-hard cock was a fat nine inches, at least. She said she went to sleep listening to them fucking, diddling herself some more with her fingers as she imagined Kirk’s dick in her.

By the noon, Wifey had worked through her bossy, nervous mood she always got when she was interested in a good stranger fuck. Not even considering no for an answer, she used her authority as Trina’s boss to take the receptionist aside and matter-of-factly tell her to take me out to the secluded part of the beach near the tide pool rocks and let me masturbate in front of her. (Over the years Wifey had let the whole shop know what a masturbator I am.) Surprisingly, Trina had no qualms at all, even agreed when my wife said she’d “take care of Kirk” while we were gone.

So there I was, on my knees with my dick in my hand, staring at my receptionist’s beautiful naked cunt and stroking myself as she smiled somewhat sympathetically at my pathetic weakness. Trina was trying to be nice, I guess, but she didn’t undo her bikini top, just casually pulled the cups down off her small titties just enough to show off her stiff nipples for me. I wasn’t worth getting naked for, I guess. I was excited to see her naked tits, but really I was stone mesmerized by her exciting cunt. I looked hard at it and jerked myself until I was fully hard. Trina ran her finger down her muff and slid it between her pussy lips right up at the apex of her vulva. A few little rubs and her pink little clitty stood up in its hood and stiffened. She gave a slight sigh and circled her fingers around it the way girls do when they masturbate. It was just a courtesy to me. I think; she had been fucked so much, so recently I doubted that she needed another climax. I guess she liked me as a boss and a beta male enough to try to get into the spirit of my need to jack off in front of her. She’s really a nice person and a great receptionist.

We remained like that for several minutes, Trina even got into it enough to lift her ass up a little off her beach towel as she toyed with her clit. I stared constantly at her ginger-fringed vagina, not believing how lucky I was that she was letting me stare. I didn’t even consider that part of her motive might have been her paycheck. Or maybe Wifey had promised her a bonus. I dunno.

It was wonderful to finally see her whole tattoo running down from her belly button diagonally to one side of her pubic pelt It read “Heaven begins here,” with an arrow pointing to her snatch. All of a sudden erotic thoughts flooded my mind as I thrust into my hand pussy, pinched my nipple and tried to hold off from cumming. It was obvious that Trina’s pussy would feel so wonderful to fuck, if I had been able. It was amazing to realize that while I was stroking my dick Trina’s husband Kirk was more than likely up in the cabin’s loft right now stroking deeply into my wife’s pussy. I was barely able to hold of my orgasm as I masturbated inches away from Trina’s pretty cunt. Maybe I could cum on her thigh. Maybe she would find my orgasm thrilling. Her little cone-shaped tits gently moved back and forth as she played gently with her labia and her clit. I was even okay when she took both hands and spread her pussy lips wide, showing me the darker pink flesh, wet with her juices, of her vaginal entrance. I stroked harder into my hand pussy, groaning, but I wasn’t quite ready to cum yet. It was erotic the way her movements had brought her ass down so that it now rested half on the towel and half on the sand below her.

Then I watched as a glob of pearly white goo oozed out of Trina’s cunt. It ran down the center of the valley of her pussy flesh until it slowly dripped onto the sand, languidly followed by a viscous trail of Kirk’s cum from last night’s fucking. It formed a quarter-sized puddle on the dry sand under Trina’s round ass. That was too much! I felt my cock pulse and then I was groaning and spurting my own load of cum out onto the sand too.

I groaned and spurted and jacked my cock for all I was worth, with Trina making a face somewhere between a smile and a sneer. It’s hard to hide how they feel about masturbators,… women.

“That was so nice, Boss honey,” she said nonchalantly. “It’s alright if you want to get back hard again and fuck me right here on the beach. Really. I’d let you.”

I decided it was really too hard to explain about Pussy Penetration Anxiety so I just shook my head and let my softening dick just rest against the top of my beach trunks.

I stared at her pussy just as she started to cover it up, still watching more of last night’s cum drain out of her. I brushed her hand away from the strap, bent forward and lay on the sand between her legs. My hands went to her vagina and I pulled her labia wide. My mouth kiss-sucked her cunt hole and I licked out her juices and Kirk’s cum.

My chest smeared the sandy cum of both me and him as I cleaned her pussy. Her legs spread wider, but then crossed over my shoulders and her fingers dug into my hair. She didn’t make a sound but her butt trembled and after a while she arched her back and pressed her cunt harder against my mouth. It seemed like we took long enough then that Kirk certainly had the opportunity to make Wifey very happy too.

I guess the rule about employees was broken pretty good. If you tell me you liked this part, I’ll tell you about Trina, Wifey and Kirk together while I masturbated over them that night …. Oh … and the Eclipse!

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  1. I had an office girl I felt that way about some years ago. Blonde, very petite and with a great ass. Every time she’d walk by I’d think about beating off under my desk, but really couldn’t without being seen. I thought about her again as I read this and pictured her letting me jack off in front of her and enjoying watching me. It all got me nice and hard and I jacked off until I came again. Tomorrow I think I’ll visit my local porn theater and jerk with company.

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