Onania Masturbator Forum: The Masturbator Identity

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

So, really, masturbation can be–and is for me–way more than a solution to a problem. It is an expression of self. Eric Francis expresses this well in his writings and suggests sharing masturbation with others, in order to share oneself. I find this resonant, and it is why I’ve tried to meet others with similar masturbatory interests. My goal is to find others who love their practice in the same way and want to support one another in their arousal. My goal is as well to find a woman to spend my life with who celebrates this aspects of the self and feels as proud of and inspired by masturbation as I do.


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Podcasturbation #07-0808: I want to be good but my penis won’t let me

Podcasturbation #07-0808: I want to be good but my penis won’t let me

Do you struggle to control your masturbation addiction? It’s a question of who is stronger:  You, or your penis?

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Podcasturbation #07-0805: I’m full of it

Podcasturbation #07-0805: I’m full of it

Do you ever feel full of it? Full of semen, that is? There’s only one thing for a masturbator to do.

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In Love with Kate Moss: I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

by In Love with Kate Moss

This masturbation fantasy is based on people I know.  I’ve changed names.

Donna is one of my best friends. Early 50’s, about 5’3″, Graying hair to her shoulders and brown eyes (she was a brunette until a couple years ago). I love to masturbate to her and have done so for more than 21 years, ever since I’ve known her.

I’ve always had MFM fantasies. About 14 years ago she had this boyfriend, Harrison, early 30’s, about 5’9″, good looking guy. She would always tell me and my wife Cheryl what a big cock he had. They made such a beautiful couple.  Donna had nice, firm breasts, a very sexy ass, cute smile and sexy hips, and I would fantasize about watching them make love.

I was always hoping to do a threesome with them. My fantasy always involved us starting in hetero fashion, me fucking her from behind while she sucks Harrison’s cock, then reverse. Then she sits on his cock reverse cowgirl and begin to fuck.   Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: 18 and addicted to edging

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I’m 18yo and already totally addicted to edging and porn. I started reading about masturbation addiction at 14 and everything I read really turned me on. It just made me so hard thinking how jerking off can totally take control of your life. This is also the year when I discovered edging. And that’s what really pushed me over the edge. I started edging for hours every day and by the time I was 16 I knew I was already totally addicted, edging around 4-6h every day.  

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Podcasturbation #07-0727: I miss fucking

Podcasturbation #07-0727: I miss fucking

Even a chronic masturbator sometimes yearns for the real thing. But not enough to let go of his own penis.

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Excessive Venery: Masturbation and Continence

in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OnaniaSupport/ a masturbator wrote: 

Dear Esteemed Masturbators: 

 I included this link to an old book on masturbation as a reply to the ongoing thread about masturbator’s brain.  But I figured, heck, I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. 
Please be aware, this is only for the masturbators like me who enjoy the “scolding” and “warnings” of the “harm” masturbation is going to cause us.  I personally get hours of masturbatory pleasure from reading these types of texts.  Richard has some great links in his blog too.

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Podcasturbation #07-0722: Do You Worry You do it Too Much?

Podcasturbation #07-0722: Do You Worry You do it Too Much?

Do You Worry You do it Too Much? If you are worried that you might be masturbating too much, then you are. Is there hope? Well, no. And yes. Sort of.

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15 Tips to Avoid Masturbation | New Health Advisor

Masturbation is a universal phenomenon, occurring in all cultures throughout history. It is often a practice of adolescents who are trying to figure out how to sexually please them before entering into adult relationships. If masturbation has become somewhat of an obsession for you so that it blocks other aspects of your life or you happen to belong to a type of religion that forbids this act, there are ways as to how to avid masturbation so you can control this type of urge.15 Tips to Avoid MasturbationThere are many ways you can try to avoid masturbation. You just have to have the right mindset and a commitment to stop the behavior.

Source: 15 Tips to Avoid Masturbation | New Health Advisor

“Porn Addiction” » BOLD WITH LeGRANDE GREEN » Get BOLD today!

Are you or someone you love addicted to porn? LeGrande Green interviews blogger Bryan Reeves about the nuances of this sensitive issue. A former Air Force captain and trailblazing author, Bryan’s candid article “Five Reasons Men Should Give Up Porn” caused a sensation and sparked debate.

“The way I was showing up with women was getting lost,” he says. ”Looking at porn was short-circuiting the energy of my body and my soul.” LeGrande and Bryan look at some facts:

• The pornography industry is a $97 billion industry worldwide.

• Men are 543% more likely to look at porn than are women.

• More than 1 in 5 searches are for pornography on mobile devices.

Can porn be used in a healthy way? How do we disconnect from our phones and computers and tune into each other? These questions and more are addressed in this BOLD and frank conversation. Bryan’s website is www.bryanreeves.com. HIs blog is www.thiswildwakingjourney.com. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com.

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