The private lives of phone-sex operators

… But whether they are working in a packed call centre wearing headsets or from home wearing lingerie, phone-sex operators (or PSOs) are as diverse as the callers. I can definitely see the appeal of wanting to make money from talking dirty, like the Americans pictured here in Phillip Toledano’s compelling portraits. But these women (and men, some very successful PSOs have been boys with high-pitched voices!) have to do so much more: they have to morph into a role that is part therapist, part sexual surrogate. They also have to improvise and create multiple personae in order to play the submissive secretary, the naughty nurse, the adult baby, the porn star or the barely legal teen girl. …

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Podcasturbation #07-0722: Do You Worry You do it Too Much?

Podcasturbation #07-0722: Do You Worry You do it Too Much?

Do You Worry You do it Too Much? If you are worried that you might be masturbating too much, then you are. Is there hope? Well, no. And yes. Sort of.

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15 Tips to Avoid Masturbation | New Health Advisor

Masturbation is a universal phenomenon, occurring in all cultures throughout history. It is often a practice of adolescents who are trying to figure out how to sexually please them before entering into adult relationships. If masturbation has become somewhat of an obsession for you so that it blocks other aspects of your life or you happen to belong to a type of religion that forbids this act, there are ways as to how to avid masturbation so you can control this type of urge.15 Tips to Avoid MasturbationThere are many ways you can try to avoid masturbation. You just have to have the right mindset and a commitment to stop the behavior.

Source: 15 Tips to Avoid Masturbation | New Health Advisor

“Porn Addiction” » BOLD WITH LeGRANDE GREEN » Get BOLD today!

Are you or someone you love addicted to porn? LeGrande Green interviews blogger Bryan Reeves about the nuances of this sensitive issue. A former Air Force captain and trailblazing author, Bryan’s candid article “Five Reasons Men Should Give Up Porn” caused a sensation and sparked debate.

“The way I was showing up with women was getting lost,” he says. ”Looking at porn was short-circuiting the energy of my body and my soul.” LeGrande and Bryan look at some facts:

• The pornography industry is a $97 billion industry worldwide.

• Men are 543% more likely to look at porn than are women.

• More than 1 in 5 searches are for pornography on mobile devices.

Can porn be used in a healthy way? How do we disconnect from our phones and computers and tune into each other? These questions and more are addressed in this BOLD and frank conversation. Bryan’s website is HIs blog is Join the conversation at

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Jacking Off With An Audience

Guided Masturbation Stories

Jacking Off With An Audience

These days, it’s a challenge to enjoy sex in a safe, responsible way. Several years ago I launched an experiment in safe sex which brought me two of the most exciting evenings of my life.

I guess I’ve always been a closet exhibitionist, one who is especially attracted to the joys of self-pleasuring. Why not try to meet others who enjoyed masturbation and share the fun together? It seemed like a good idea.

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LizIsWet: Masturbating to Masturbators

Masturbating to Masturbators

by LizIsWet

The bulk of my edging isnt even touching myself. It is reading these posts, looking at the videos. When it becomes too much to take, my thoroughly soaked pussy gets filled by my dildo. Sometime I am cumming within 1 min of starting because I have been wet and pre orgasmic most of the day. It is very rare I will touch myself while reading or watching videos. Or my pussy would be raw as sometimes I make an afternoon of it! 

Other times, I will put on a recording of a favorite Onania masturbater. Him telling me he is masturbating while listening to my recorded messages that I have sent him, sends me over the edge. Dont see him here anymore, wonder where he went…[bet you’re still out there listening to me while you fuck yourself]

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