The Foot Massage

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The Foot Massage

Some chronic  masturbators think a foot is as much fun as a hand

It was only five years ago that I graduated from college leaving behind many memories of one my closest friends I have ever had. It was a tortured relationship for me because I was completely obsessed with her and wanted her as a lover more than a friend. She however had no such romantic feelings towards me even though we always together. We were both art majors so we worked out our schedules to where we always took our classes together. After class we would always be running around doing something together whether it was going out to eat, the movies, or just hanging out at my apartment or her parent’s house.

For four years I went through this and almost didn’t date any other girls throughout my pathetic college existence. Why do you ask? Why would this fool torture himself as he did for so long. Besides being a beautiful blond with long hair flowing to her shoulders and a perfect 36-23-36 body she had the most gorgeous pair of size 6 1/2 feet you have ever seen! We also had an almost identical matching sarcastic sense of humor and very compatible personalities.

When we first met and started to become friends I always noticed she paid a lot of attention to her feet. I soon found that she was an avid shoe collector and had almost 100 different pairs of shoes cluttering her closet. She almost always wore polish on her well pedicured feet, but almost never the same color twice! At the most exotic she had gold nail polish on which is still etched in my mind from the time we were walking barefoot in the mud during a rainstorm (but that’s a different story…) Even in drawing class when we had to turn in our sketchbooks for the professor to grade I noticed most of her sketches were of her own feet!

Believe me friends I was not a complete loser, I did try to turn the friendship into romance. Unfortunately she would always say she didn’t think of me that way and I was more like a brother to her. FEH! Brother? Well brother was wanting and craving some incest and quick!

She knew I had a foot fetish and at times I think she purposely went barefoot around my apartment just because she knew what it did to me. On several occasions I would innocently massage her feet with them in my lap. Of course all the while I would be inching them down closer and closer to the all important pleasure center with her only to pull them away at the last minute. My lucky day did finally arrive when I did get to experience an orgasm at her feet!

We were at her parents house one evening after school working in her little art studio. Her mom and dad were in the kitchen working on supper while we were busy with some art projects. She was taking a sculpture class at this time and was completely engrossed in a female torso she was working in clay. I was sitting on a swivel chair at a small drafting table next to where she was standing trying to look busy with my sketchbook. Of course I was totally engrossed with her smooth petite feet. She was wearing a red nail polish and on her left ankle she had an anklet that she made in a jewelry class.

We had been in her studio for over an hour and she had been standing working on the sculpture the whole time. Finally she started to complain about her feet starting to hurt. In a gentlemanly manner I offered my assistance and took her left foot in my hands and start to rub it. She paid no attention to me whatsoever and continued working on the bust. At first I started with the toes popping them one by one and then rubbing to the instep and then the heel. I had a raging hard-on which I had been trying to hide all evening. And since I was wearing a pair of shorts that wasn’t helping matters either. I lost all control and decided to inch her toes right on top of it. Still she didn’t notice! I thought I was going to die and go to heaven! I continued rubbing her foot for almost ten minutes while I could feel my penis twitching wanting to let go. I got scared that she would catch on to what I was doing so I put her foot down before I came. Then came the real shock!

“Now do the other one!” she commanded.

And she lifted up her beautiful right foot up and planted it smack dab on my dick! She continued working on the sculpture and I went to work on the other foot. I could hear her mom and dad talking from a distance in the dining room setting the table. I massaged her foot as I moved it up and down on my swollen member. I worked her toes all over the head of my penis through the shorts and then moved her heel down on it twisting her foot back in forth in a grinding motion.

At that moment I exploded! A big wet stain was quickly spreading across my shorts and I couldn’t have cared less. She pulled her foot away at the same time then turned around and walked out of the studio. I would also like to add that she was wearing the biggest shit-eating-grin I had ever seen. I took it upon myself to go to the bathroom and cleanup before dinner.

The funny thing is she never said anything to me about it and of course I never got another chance to experience her feet in that way again. Since graduation we have both gotten married and are leading separate lives a thousand miles apart. We now communicate through e-mails and an occasional letter or card. I never thought I would get to see her or her beautiful feet again until I received a letter a few months ago with (gasp!) a picture of her feet enclosed!

The End

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