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Self-marriage or sologamy[1] is marriage by a person to oneself.[2][3] It is known as a commitment that values self-love, and self-compassion. Supporters of the practice argue that it leads to a happier life.[4] The idea of such a ceremony is also described in the book Quirkyalone: a manifesto for uncompromising romantics by Sasha Caden. It can also refer to a self-uniting marriage, that is a marriage without an officiant.[5] Self-marriage is not the usual form of union between individuals, but a number of

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  1. I wish this kind of thinking had been available in my youth. As I am now retired, and single, I have come to the realization that I have always leaned toward the solosexual lifestyle. I have downsized my life to just the necessities, live nude, and of course focus on masturbation a great deal of the time. And, I feel the best I have in my life. It’s liberating to hear from others that appreciate all that self love can do for your life. Too bad our society is so judgmental of those that have a different outlook on life.

  2. The practice of Self Love is so Liberating.Focusing on Pleasuring my Throbbing penis.This feels so good I don’t want to stop.

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