Rabbit for Masturbators

I’m trying a video chat service Rabbit (rabb.it). You can masturbate on cam, mic, and/or text while watching a porn video or slide show. It seems pretty high performance and can hold up to 25 masturbators at a time. You do need a login ID (free) to participate. I will be on this morning trying it out.

My profile is https://www.rabb.it/profile/richardlovel and the link to my “room” is https://www.rabb.it/richardlovel

I will keep the room locked except to friends. So if you use Rabbit, add me as a friend.

FYI, there is a dynamic list of NSFW Rabbit rooms listed on Reddit if you want to try others: https://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwrabbitrooms/

2 thoughts on “Rabbit for Masturbators

  1. I can’t wait to stroke my cock in front of you guys. I’m an addicted bator and there’s nothing that excites me more than exposing myself and showing others how much I’m an addicted helpless masturbator of cock. I’m so hard just typing this, that’s how helpless I am.

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