Podcasturbation #07-0608: The Urge to Masturbate

Podcasturbation #07-0608: The Urge to Masturbate

Let’s talk about the urge to masturbate. Why is it so irresistible?

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One thought on “Podcasturbation #07-0608: The Urge to Masturbate

  1. While listening to your podcasturbations Richard I have a uncontrollable Urge to Masturbate my Throbbing penis.
    All I want to focus on is pleasuring my penis.i enjoy hearing you pleasuring your Throbbing Penis Richard. It’s a Big turn on.
    My cock is Throbbing/Twitching and delicious Precum is sizzling out.I Love tasting my Precum do you?I love flicking my nipples faster-my penis really twitches then.I am in the goon stage.
    So much Precum is flowing out after hearing this Erotic podcasturbation.
    I love licking the delicious Precum off my fingers do you?
    I hope everyone reading this is masturbating their genitals.Are You?Give your genitals the attention it wants and craves.Lets keep rubbing our genitals.
    It’s a big turn on knowing your masturbating reading this. Let’s have a Intense Cumm together!
    I am a Mastubator and Proud to Say that.Say it along with me.I love being in the goon state-focusing on giving my Penis pleasure.Thank You Richard.

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