Podcasturbation #07-0218: Solitary Masturbation

Podcasturbation #07-0218: Solitary Masturbation

A long and intense podcasturbation, intended for serious masturbators only. I ruminate on the loneliness of the long-distance masturbator, and his preference for solitary masturbation. Thoughts on secret embarrassing things we like to do when alone such as (attempts at) self-sucking, tasting our semen, silly wanking postures, penetrating household objects, thrusting, and confessing.  

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [chronic] [edging] [moaning] [pathetic] [embarrassing] [penis] [stupid] 

2 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #07-0218: Solitary Masturbation

  1. Once again, it was so good masturbating to this podcasturbation, reaching Penis Paradise again and again. I listened to it from the begining to the end. I still have my sticky, unejaculated penis in hand, enjoying being such a compulsive masturbator. Thank you, Nature, for giving me a penis to mastubate! And thank you, Richard, for celebrating with such talent the pleasure, the never ending joy of chronic masturbation!

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