Little Pee Pee

Guided Masturbation Stories

Little Pee Pee

This occurred last weekend, as my lady friend had gone to Austin for a seminar which was to go on all weekend. I decided to drive up Saturday and join her. She left instructions a the hotel front desk to give me a key upon arrival. When I got up stairs she was in bathroom, naked, as she was preparing for a lunch meeting. I immediately removed my clothes and came to the bathroom door and stood there looking at her. Those big nice tits just moving so, as she applied makeup, me slowly stroking my very hard cock. I moved in behind her as gently probed her ass with my member. She playfully swatted my cock away , saying I do not have time for that now, go ! Let me get ready. 

I went into the other room and turned on the TV, sat down, and was just kind of watching the TV and playing with my now semi-hard cock and fondling my shaved balls. I had also placed a strong rubber band around my balls to make them standout more. So I had my balls in my left hand and was slowly stroking my cock. She came out of the bathroom, still naked and started getting clothes to put on. As I watched her and stroked I got very hard, she looked over at me and just smiled. She got dressed and came over and took a firm grip on my cock pulling on it, forcing me to get up from the chair. As I stood up she released my cock and walked across the room (it was a large suite) by the closet and said come over here. I had started playing with my self again, but walked across the room, to where the closet sliding doors had full length mirrors on them. She said, I do not have much time, but I want to see you play with your little pee pee, make it cum, here in front of the mirrors. I want to see you from all directions. Boy, was I hard by now, she looked just great in her tight jeans, sweater and high heels. She was standing about two feet away and said now don’t get any of that on me, I do not have time to change.

I was looking at her looking at me and glancing at the mirror to see my self jerking off. She said hurry and make your little pee pee cum as I do not have much time. I had be stroking slowly, enjoying the moment, but now started stroking faster, she could see that I was about to cum and she said turn and shoot on the mirror, which I did, a big gob hit the mirror the rest fell on the carpet.

She said, very nice, I like to see you make that little pee pee cum, with that she bent down and took my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking off the cum. There, she said, I cleaned that for you. I have to go, so you are left with cleaning the mirror and carpet. With that she open the door to the hall and I could hear the maids down the hall way. She could see the look of, well not panic, but I was nervous, as anyone could walk by. She just stood there for a minute with the door wide open, me standing there with a semi-hard, saying, now do not play with your little pee pee till I get back.


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