Big-Breasted Dru

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Big-Breasted Dru, 1995. Breasts aren’t only for babies

I want to relate a story about a girl that I knew in college, her name was Dru. This was about 14 years ago, but I remember her like she was standing here in front of me. You see, I’ve always been a big tit lover. The bigger, the better. Nowadays, you get the strippers and porno stars with their enhancements, and I might be the only one around here who actually loves seeing them that large. Anyway, Dru was all natural. And her tits weren’t HUGE, but they were big, nice and big. She told me she was a size 40DD. 

Anyway, I met her my sophomore year in college, and we hit it off pretty well right away. We tried to be together as often as possible, and as we lived in dorms that were next to eachother, that was pretty easy. We started out slow sexually, a little kissing and feeling up, and those tits of hers felt wonderful. They were the largest I had ever had, and I went to town on them, sucking, kissing, smothering my face in between them. After a little while, we started experimenting with oral sex, and as this was my first experience in this area, well, what can I say, it was wonderful. There was no better feeling that I had ever felt before in my life as her sucking on my cock. And she loved to do it, which was absolutely no problem for me. And she loved me between her legs, licking her to orgasm after orgasm. We had a wonderful time together, and since my roommate had a girlfriend, and her roommate had a boyfriend, we got to spend a lot of wonderful nights together.

Needless to say, I was really enjoying my sophomore year. I buried myself in her ample busom enough that her bras got to know me by name. Anyway, after we had been going out about 4 months, we were talking and she asked me if there was anything sexually that I wanted to try that we had not. Now, we had discussed having intercourse, and we both admitted that the timing was not right yet. So I knew she wasn’t talking about that. I confessed to her that it had always been a fantasy of mine, ever since I was old enough to think of such things, to fuck a girl between the tits. I had been thinking of approaching her about this for a couple weeks, but didn’t have the guts to ask and since I didn’t know how she would respond, I was scared. She looked at me for a second, and I thought “Shit, I blew it”. But just then, a huge smile crossed her face, and she said “I was hoping you’d say that, because I’ve wanted to feel your cock in there for a while”. SCHWINNNNNNG.

Since we were supposed to get together for the night the next day, we decided to wait until then. I couldn’t keep my thoughts on anything other than burying my cock between her mounds and pumping back and forth. To say that it was the longest 24 hours in my life would be an understatement. I went to the store and bought some baby oil, as I thought this would make for some nice lubrication. My roommate was going home for the weekend, so Dru and I would be spending the night in my room. I straightened everything up, making sure that this evening would be perfect. She arrived, and we got right down to business.

We started kissing and groping eachother, and soon we were naked. After a couple minutes of feeling and nibbling and kissing, we got into a 69, and the juices really started flowing. She sucked and slurped at me cock as I’ve never seen before, and she was so wet that my face was soaked immediately. After about 10 minutes of this, she hopped off my face, held her wonderful tits out to me, and said those words I will remember the rest of my life; “Honey, are you ready to fuck my big tits?”. I said “No thanks, I’m not in the mood”. Just kidding. I could hardly utter the words “You bet”, I was so excited. I went to the dresser and got my bottle of baby oil, as she moved the blanket down from the bed and got on her back. “Give me that bottle for a second” Dru said. She slowly poured a few squirts of the clear liquid on each breast, and let a huge squirt go right between her tits, and she then rubbed it in, ever so slowly, looking at me with loving eyes. Finally, after what seemed like hours but was actually a few seconds, she motioned for me to hop aboard.

I straddled her, and slowly placed myself in between her jugs. She immediately started moaning, and quickly grabbed each breast from the side and squeezed them together tightly. Already, I was in heaven. I started out thrusting slowly, wanting to savor this moment. Wow, it felt so good. Slipping and sliding, my cock seemed to take on a life of its own. I found myself thrusting faster and faster, while Dru wrapped her tits tighter and tighter around me. I reached down and started squeezing her nipples, which made her moan with pleasure. Our eyes locked, and we smiled that knowing smile at eachother. Dru seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. I was now thrusting faster and faster, and I could tell that this would not last too much longer. I told Dru this, and she said not to hold back, that there would be more than just this one tonight. She said to me “I want you to come all over my tits, baby. Just let it flow”. Finally, I could take no more, and after a particularly hard thrust, I let it go. The first spurt hit her right under the chin, and she immediately opened up her mouth to catch anything else that might “come” her way. “My god”, I thought, “I have never had an orgasm as intense as this.” The next load landed right at the base of her neck, and then I pulled away a little to spray her tits. It wouldn’t stop coming out, spurt after spurt. Finally, she reached up and gave it one last stroke, with a final drop coming out and landing right on her left nipple. She looked up at me, and started rubbing my come into her tits lovingly, stopping to lick it off her breasts occasionally. I couldn’t help myself, and started rubbing it in myself, carressing it into her tits and between them. I finally collapsed, unable to do anything. We hugged, and my goo got all over my chest. I loved it. This was so much better than I could ever have imagined. Dru looked over at me and said “Honey, I know you enjoyed it, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely myself.” I immediately dove between her legs and began eating her to a fantastic orgasm.


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  1. Thank You Richard for this Hot story
    I am madturbating my Throbbing penis and fondling my balls.If feels So Good.I am a Masturbator.Are You?
    My old girlfriend had 42DD tits and I couldn’t wait to go to her place so I could bury my penis between those Lovely tits.;
    I encourage other readers to go ahead and rub your genitals.Your penis/pussy wants to be rubbed.Go ahead.We are Masturbators.Lets Cumm together.

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