Power of the addiction

Addicts speak about their habits

hi, i am a 42mm whose is a chronic addicted bator. I have tried hard to resit my addiction but i constantly fail. The power of my cock is to overwheming and i cannot resist the need to masturbate. Even as i write this i am using one hand. the other is slowing moving up and down my rock hard cock. Pre cum is dripping out of the head as i get nore and more gooned writing this for everyone to read. I would love to chat with other hard core bators and i thank Richard for this and his other great sites..Hail cock!!

I think it is good sometimes to try to fight the addiction and resist the urge that we all feel. We will of course fail, and fall back into the habit even stronger than before. But the futile attempt to overcome it will demonstrate its power over us, and a period of denial makes us appreciate the pleasures of the addiction just that much more.

I love hearing about how you have no power or control over your masturbation. Isn’t it wonderful? We have a lot in common. My name is John, I’m 44, and I am married and an addicted masturbator too. Your message gave me a nice erection and I have to keep stopping to stroke my cock as I type this.

Does your wife know that you are an addicted chronic, compulsive masturbator? Mine doesn’t. I do all of this behind her back. I have not fucked her in 7 years, as I can only get it up for my hand now. My wife falls asleep alone every night as I sit at the computer and soak in as much porn as I can possibly fill my mind with. Masturbation and pornography are far more important to me than my family is.

I never thought of it that way before, but you are right. Our failure at being able to quite does demonstrate the power that our cock has over us and reinforces in our minds our slavery to it. This proves to strengthen the addiction, and when we finally give in and return to it (which everyone does, it is impossible to quit), the experience is even better than before. Once you realize the futility of trying to stop, or even slow down, and embrace it, it goes to a whole new level and becomes a holy experience.

Isn’t it glorious that the very thing we we are trying to quit is actually strengthened by the act of quitting? Chronic masturbation and porn addiction is a wonderful thing. Nothing else brings me such true joy and happiness.

I have an interesting story to tell. About 5 or 6 years ago I went on a long vacation with my family. In that it was not convenient to masturbate and in that I also had no helpers in the form of magazines I didn’t masturbate for quite a few days (I usually masturbate about once a day – sometimes more (I managed 6 in one 24 hr period last year and photographed each result -an accomplishment I was personally proud of – see attachment)). After nearly a week of abstinence I was surprised that the urge was not as strong so I continued – this went on for almost 4 weeks at which time it dawned on me one day that I hadn’t thought about masturbating all day nor had I the day before. This concerned me and though I rarely masturbate with no porn I took myself into the bathroom and made myself masturbate – After a bit of manipulation the feeling started to come back and to my surprise I ejaculated a thin watery ejaculate – I had expected a large amount of cum (I dont usually shoot much cum anyway – a condition I attribute to my never leaving it alone for long). Well at that point my period of abstinence was over and the urge came back in spades- I couldn’t keep my hands off myself for over a week masturbating 2 to 3 times a day every day for the next 2 weeks.

It has worked both ways with me. Sometimes I can be abstinent for a few days or a week without the overriding need to masturbate, but only if I am very active with something else, such as travel. But eventually I need to jerk off, even if just a quickie in the shower or at the shaving mirror. But as long as I stay active with something else, the need and frequency are much less. I almost feel “cured” of the addiction.

But most times, when I am not actively engaged with other things, I can’t go more than a couple of days before the urge becomes compelling. It is like a rubber band, stretching tighter and tighter every day I try to abstain, until it snaps me back into the habit.

When I was a teenager, sometimes I would try to resist the urge to masturbate. Sometimes I attempted to abstain from a sense of shame and concern that masturbating too much was not good for me. Other times I abstained as a game, to see how long I could go without masturbating, knowing that the final surrender would be that much more enjoyable. Even today, the fantasy of being placed in a chastity device to regulate my masturbation frequency is highly erotic.

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  1. I am an addicted to masturbation exhibitionist. My full enjoyment of my penis has led me to such heights of enjoyment that I can’t seriously consider not being an addict!!! I’ve been masturbating and exposing since I was 11, and over the next 50 plus years have decided that this is the best experience to not only enjoy, but to share with others!

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