My Masturbation Manifesto

…Masturbation to me is a magical, surreal experience that puts me into a zone of pure joy and ecstasy. It is my heaven on earth as I wallow in porn and jerk off. I love masturbating so much that some of my favorite porn to beat off to is other people masturbating! Speaking of porn, I am turned on by ladies of all shapes and sizes, from tiny to absolutely huge, shaved & hairy, teens to grannies, especially when they are smiling. laughing and having fun fucking, sucking and rubbing themselves into the goon zone like I do….

via My Masturbation Manifesto.

One thought on “My Masturbation Manifesto

  1. I agree -masturbation is not only my greatest pleasure, but something I feel needs to be shared with others! I enjoy exposing myself to others who also benefit from seeing what a natural and normal experience this is!

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