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Are you addicted to masturbation?

Or suspect you may be? Are you spending more and more time masturbating? Do you think about masturbating, even when you are not doing it? Do words chronic addicted masturbator sexually arouse you? … If you have discovered this website, then you may already be addicted to masturbation. But you are not alone. Here we don’t judge you; we don’t try to cure you. Onania . Org/asm is for you, for adults living with chronic masturbation addiction.

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline

Free personal telephone or video support for chronic masturbators like you. Talk privately about masturbation with someone who understands.

More Support for Chronic Masturbators

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The evening started off like any other evening with friends. People were standing around in small groups sipping drinks, chatting and nibbling on the snacks placed strategically around the room. However, this was not like any other party had ever been to, it was my first Jack & Jill party.

Source: Jack N’ Jill Club – Exhibitionist & Voyeur – Literotica.com

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