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Attention Masturbators!

Onania . Org/asm is FOR ADULTS ONLY! See  Warning for the Satire-Impaired

Are you addicted to masturbation?

Or suspect you may be? Are you spending more and more time masturbating? Do you think about masturbating, even when you are not doing it? Have you tried stopping or cutting back, but just can’t seem to give it up? Do the words helpless pathetic masturbator excite you to masturbate even more?

paul-avril-masturbator-1If you have discovered this website, then you may already be addicted to masturbation. But you are not alone. Onania . Org/asm is for you, for people living with chronic masturbation addiction. Here we don’t judge you; we don’t try to cure you. We  support your choices and needs. Onania . Org/asm is about…

Male PMS (Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome)
Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline
Resources for the Chronic Masturbator
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a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation.

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline: OPEN NOW - Hotline is Open Now! Call for masturbation support. Continue reading

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Masturbation Addiction Support
Don’t masturbate alone!
Call Personal +1-281-241-9265
Group 1-605-475-5900 code: 975099#

Hotline Status

Real-Time Updates

Times are for Houston, TX (Central Time US), GMT-6 or -5 depending on season. Compare Houston time to your local time

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Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline: OPEN NOW

Important Announcement for Masturbation Support Hotline

The “regular” session for the Mastubation Addiction Support Hotline will change to Tuesdays, between 10am-2pm Central Time.

The next session will be Tuesday, July 29

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline Status: Open Now! Call 1-281-241-9265 or skype “richardlovel”

  • For Personal (one on one) Support, call 1-281-241-9265 (in the U.S) or skype “richardlovel”. If you want priority masturbator support during the session, call and leave a voicemail  (don't block your caller ID, so I can recognize you in future calls).
  • For Group Masturbator Teleconference, call 1-605-475-5900. The automated operator will ask for code: 975099#. I often operate Personal and Group lines simultaneously. That means if you call the Group line, I may be temporarily absent handling a Personal call. If no one is there (if you only hear music), stay on the line or call back later.
  • The Masturbator Support Webcam http://chaturbate.com/richardlovel/ may be active
  • This is a free service for chronic masturbators.

Follow @OnaniaHotline on Twitter for Hotline Updates

Follow @OnaniaHotline on Twitter

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline Personal +1-281-241-9265 Group 1-605-475-5900 code: 975099#

You don't have to masturbate alone.


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