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Are you addicted to masturbation?

Or suspect you may be? Are you spending more and more time masturbating? Do you think about masturbating, even when you are not doing it? Do words chronic addicted masturbator sexually arouse you? … If you have discovered this website, then you may already be addicted to masturbation. But you are not alone. Here we don’t judge you; we don’t try to cure you. Onania . Org/asm is for you, for adults living with chronic masturbation addiction.

Resources for Chronic Masturbators

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Site updates and Richard’s activities

"... I had a girlfriend who got tired of me bothering her for sex. She took me out in the forest and sat on a log and told me to masturbate. ... Within a week she was complaining that all I wanted to do was masturbate." https://t.co/j9lQMWdmWX

‘My ex-boyfriend got the boot when he put his tiny penis in my belly button’ – Mirror Online https://t.co/Tdi2yeaULf

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Masturbation Support Hotline

#MasturbationSupportHotline is CLOSED now.
Updates and schedule: @OnaniaHotline https://t.co/klE35M0j4c
Info: https://t.co/wO8qQ0t72U
You don't have to #masturbate alone

#MasturbationSupportHotline OPEN NOW.
Personal, understanding support for #chronic #masturbators like you.
Phone 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel"
Discord https://t.co/Bz8LkHsIeD
Info: https://t.co/klE35M0j4c

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Wank Bank (anonymous masturbator voicemail)

Recent Posts

Family humiliation

a masturbator wrote:

My wife bought me a giant penis costume and dared me to wear it for her
mother and daughter . Well they were out by pool when i went to put it
on and looking at it i said damb thats gonna be hot out there .It has a
hole in the front to stick my face out and a internal fan to to keep it
inflated .Kinda like the christmas decorations u put in front yard.
Well i decided to put on some silk underneath and only that !! I dont
know why but is was allready getting aroused when she had me “Bounce”
for them
  I grew even harder and had to run into kitchen…my mother in law
followed ! im thinking cold beer is the cure but when i turned around
she was looking at my private area and saw my lil one sticking up and
poking at the fabric she grabbed it ……she followed me as i sank to
my knees and milked me in my silken panties and left me there .My wife
was outsidce calling for her drink by now and i had to bring it to her
with my knees shaking and cum stains on the suit .i told her i had an

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